Pro-Abortion New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio Announces Presidential Bid, Calls Pro-Lifers “Extremists”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 16, 2019   |   10:23AM   |   Washington, DC

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced today that hew would run for the Democrat nomination for president to face President Donald Trump, who has governed pro-life. DeBlasi has a long history of radically promoting and funding abortions — an agenda he would take to the White House.

The mayor announced his run with a video released by his campaign.

“There’s plenty of money in this world. There’s plenty of money in this country. It’s just in the wrong hands,” de Blasio says at the beginning of the video. “I’m running for president because it’s time we put working people first.”

He immediately blasted Trump in a television appearance, saying, “He’s a con artist. I know his tricks I know his playbook.”

But the NYC mayor’s playbook has been abortion and more abortion.

New York City has a notoriously high abortion rate at 60 percent of its birth rate. For black babies, the rate is even higher. City health statistics indicate that more black babies are aborted in the city than are born.

But those numbers don’t seem to bother Mayor Bill DeBlasio.During a speech a few years ago, he promised that the city would help women get “health care” if Congress defunds Planned Parenthood. And to DeBlasio, that includes one of Planned Parenthood’s key offerings — abortion.

“If there are threats to federal funding for Planned Parenthood in New York City, we will ensure women receive health care they need,” DeBlasio during his speech Monday at Cooper Union.

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DeBlasio essentially promised to use New York taxpayers’ money to pay for women’s abortions. Abortion activists and pro-abortion politicians like him believe that aborting an unborn child should be considered an essential part of women’s “health care.”

Anna Higgins of the Family Research Council notes that de Blasio, “has promised to partner with Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to help them expand their business in the city. He says he plans to help abortionists find neighborhoods that lack convenient clinic access and provide them with ‘city sponsored’ space to set up shop.”

In an article exposing his agenda, she writes:

In conjunction with his commitment to increase the number of abortion facilities in New York, he proposes requiring doctors trained in city hospitals to train to perform abortion, all while closing the doors of PRCs.

“De Blasio calls crisis pregnancy centers ‘sham’ clinics. In his view, their refusal to perform abortions means they do not offer ‘legitimate health care.’ He has pledged to continue the city’s appeal of a court order striking down a law aimed at closing down such centers.”

In the event the court appeal fails, de Blasio says, he stands ready to ‘craft new regulations to prevent [crisis pregnancy] centers from masquerading as legitimate health care providers’.”

Pregnancy care centers, far from being a “sham,” are typically the only place women in crisis pregnancies can go to get accurate information about their pregnancy and available options. According to Family Research Council’s own publication, A Passion to Serve, in 2010, Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) served over 2.3 million people with pregnancy tests, counseling, referrals, ultrasounds, education, and material needs. These services saved communities a conservative estimate of $100million.

And when Governor Andrew Cuomo called pro-life people “extremists,” DeBlasio agreed.

Mayor de Blasio said he agrees with Cuomo’s comments “100 percent.”

He explained, “I interpret his [Cuomo’s] remarks to say that an extremist attitude that continues the reality of violence in our communities or an extremist attitude that denies the rights of women, does not represent the views of the people of New York State.”