Abortion Activist Caught on Camera Assaulting Pro-Life Woman, Punches Her Repeatedly

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 13, 2019   |   5:51PM   |   Washington, DC

Another pro-life advocate was assaulted this month on camera outside an abortion facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

The attack is the latest in a growing string of assaults, vandalism and other hostility against people who are standing up for the lives of unborn babies.

Live Action indicates sidewalk counselor Mary Baggett was punched repeatedly by a woman on May 3 outside of the Alabama Women’s Center, an abortion facility in Huntsville.

“The woman who came up to me punched my hands,” Baggett told the pro-life group. “I must have been holding the camera with both hands, ’cause one is bruised pretty bad but the one hand I hold the phone with is hurting too. Then she grabbed my phone and ran to her car. I went after her and demanded she give me the phone back [and she] finally threw it in the grass.”

A video of the incident shows a small group of pro-lifers standing on the sidewalk outside the facility. Two vehicles in the driveway of the abortion facility pull up near the group, and someone begins yelling from one of the vehicles. One of the male pro-lifers responds, and eventually a woman gets out of one of the vehicles and approaches the group.

“I don’t give you permission to record me!” the woman yells repeatedly.

The video shows her swinging her arm at the male pro-life advocate, though it is not clear if she actually touches him. Then, she approaches Baggett, who is recording the incident. The woman can be seen punching Baggett before the camera falls and turns off.

Afterward, Baggett said her hands were bruised and swollen.

“My hands, feet and back are hurting. It could have been worse. Thank You Father for Your protection,” she wrote on Facebook.

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She told Live Action: “The man who was in the first car, who she was with apparently, he came back before the police showed up. I thought he was going to try to harm us so I started taking his picture and telling him the police were on the way. He left in a hurry. I called the police and filed a report.”

It is not clear if police have identified the woman.

LifeNews and other pro-life groups have witnessed an alarming uptick in these type of incidents. This spring, there were at least two additional physical assaults on elderly pro-life advocates in Kentucky and California. The Kentucky incident left a sidewalk counselor with a broken leg that required surgery and rehabilitation.

According to Students for Life of America, pro-life student clubs were victims of more than 50 acts of vandalism this school year.

Last week, Pennsylvania state lawmaker, Rep. Brian Sims, drew national media attention for bullying pro-lifers in his district, including an older woman and three young teenage girls, and offering money for their names and addresses.

Here is the list of incidents LifeNews has observed this year: