Church’s Pro-Life Mother’s Day Sign Reads: “Thanks Mum For Not Aborting Me”

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 9, 2019   |   5:37PM   |   Wellington, New Zealand

A New Zealand church is being targeted by online trolls for posting a pro-life Mother’s Day message on its billboard.

Cornerstone Christian Centre in Kaitaia, New Zealand, posted the message “Thanks mum for not aborting me. Happy Mothers Day” on its billboard Thursday, Stuff New Zealand reports. It also posted a photo of the sign on its Facebook page.

The message may not seem controversial to most Christians, but anything that contradicts the progressive talking point that abortions are good, normal “health care” procedures and nothing more gets attacked nowadays.

Kaitaia resident Moenga Reef told the local news that the sign was “really insensitive” and “judgmental.”

News Hub reports online comments described the sign as “disgusting,” “shameful” and “appalling.”

One woman even suggested vandalizing the church, writing: “Smash that stupid sign down. Pathetic.”

“You are not a church. Just a judgmental group of haters,” another person wrote.

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Both news outlets said the church did not respond to their requests for comment. However, it posted a message online in response to the trolls.

“Thanks for all the different comments. The sign says it all. If our Mum’s (sic) have aborted us, we wouldn’t be here to thank them,” the church wrote.

LifeNews later learned that the church took down the pro-life message. It explained why in a Facebook post: “CCC wants to ask forgiveness to anyone who was hurt by the wording on our billboard. It wasn’t our intention!”

The church said its intention was “to bless mums for being a mum and to help mums who sometimes [are] in difficult situations to make the right decision.”

Some comments praised the church for its pro-life message and said it should not have given into the internet bullies.

“Why are you apologising?” one woman wrote. “It is true we should be thankful to our mothers for letting us live! Millions of babies are aborted and have no chance. All these people who could make a profession out of acting offending need to deal with their own intolerance.”