CNN Host Chris Cuomo: Ralph Northan Endorsing Infanticide is “Just Something Stupid Someone Said”

National   |   Brad Wilmouth   |   May 8, 2019   |   3:26PM   |   Washington, DC

On Monday’s Cuomo Prime Time, as Chris Cuomo moderated a debate between left and right on new state laws that challenge Roe v. Wade, the CNN anchor blatantly advocated the liberal point of view as he fretted that such laws take America “backwards,” and even accused former Republican Senator Rick Santorum of violating his Catholic faith by “lying” about the issue.

After Santorum correctly diagnosed how those two and their supporters view unborn children as “property” instead of people, former New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn suggested that “when a woman is pregnant, that is not a human being inside of her.”  Santorum correctly called out her goonish falsehood, but was then promptly harassed by Cuomo (as he had been throughout this show trial).

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At 9:23 p.m., Cuomo further foreshadowed that he would be on the liberal side of the debate when he read a tease: “Georgia is now the leader in taking us backwards when it comes to a woman’s right to her own body. I’m going to show you where this is coming from politically and where this is headed legally if the right gets its way.”

After having earlier played a clip of President Donald Trump referring to Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam suggesting that it’s fine for doctors to sometimes allow a baby to die after it has already been born, Cuomo tried to dismiss the pro-abortion Democrat’s admission as just being “something stupid someone said” as he accused Republicans of being dishonest on the issue of babies being aborted as they are being born or even allowed to die after birth.

He even claimed that Catholic priests would disapprove about Catholic Santorum “lying” on the issue as Cuomo lectured the former Republican Senator.

Complaining that “[y]ou guys go too far when you pervert the facts,” he cited President Trump raising concerns about babies being allowed to die after birth, and complained: “You know that’s BS — it divides people.”

After Santorum injected, “The governor of Virginia said it,” Cuomo shot back: “Nobody said it — it’s not the law anywhere in this country. It’s homicide. One person said something stupid, and you want to make it something you can use for advantage. That doesn’t help your cause.”

Cuomo then suggested Catholic priests would have a problem with Santorum’s alleged dishonesty as he added: “It’s certainly not square with your religion — I’ll tell you that. Go ask a priest if he’s okay with you arguing the case that way, and see how he feels about it. If you get to the right place by lying and distorting the facts, no priest is going to like that.”

The debate got further heated as Santorum complained that New York’s law allows abortion up until the baby is about to be born. Looking to defend his brother and the murder of innocent, unborn children, Cuomo shot back: “A full-term baby to be born and swaddled and executed? That’s crap.”

Cuomo went even further into the gutter when he questioned if Santorum is being a good Catholic as he responded: “Rick, you’re better than this. You’re better than this as a Catholic — you’re better than this as a consumer of public thought.”

After he had big Quinn and Santorum farewell, here’s Cuomo’s post-debate thoughts. Try and read this without gauging your eyes out:

I respect everybody’s opinion on it. But this idea that you’re putting out, the President telling the crowd, and they’re booing about a full-term baby, and then they decide whether or not to execute, what are you trying to do in this country? These things are hard enough without making people think crazy things. But you’re going to just stoke hate in the interest of what, in the interest of what? That’s what people have to ask themselves. Note: Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst for the Media Research Center and a graduate of the University of Virginia. This column originally appeared on the NewsBusters web site and is reprinted with permission.