1,221,585 College Graduates are Missing This Year, Because They Were Killed in Abortions

Opinion   |   Father Frank Pavone   |   May 8, 2019   |   6:53PM   |   Washington, DC

The college admissions scandal that has ensnared two popular American actresses and many other wealthy parents continues to garner headlines. Certainly it is a crime to pay money to finagle a way to get students enrolled in schools they might not be able to get into on their own, and Americans love to see celebrities in trouble.

But there is a much bigger tragedy surrounding the graduating class of 2019: More than a million students are missing. These Americans never celebrated their first birthday, or attended kindergarten.  There were no senior proms for these innocent victims. They never learned to drive. This month, they will not graduate from college.

All of them were killed by legal abortion.

In 1996, when the majority of this year’s graduates were born, the federal Centers for Disease Control reported 1,221,585 deaths by legal abortion. We know the total is higher because not all states contribute to the CDC’s volunteer reporting system. But 1.2 million is bad enough. That translates to 3,346 abortions every day for the entire year. That number is bigger than the graduating classes of most colleges.

Among the celebrities who died in 1996 were the dancer Gene Kelly, comedian George Burns, actor McLean Stevenson and little Jon Benet Ramsey, whose tragic murder has still not been solved. Each was remembered with an outpouring of love.

But four women also died that year, along with their unborn children. Only their families and the pro-life community mourned.

Carolina Gutierrez turned 21 in a hospital intensive care unit, so badly wounded by a botched abortion in Miami that she was not able to recover. Had she chosen life, this young immigrant from Nicaragua might be attending her child’s graduation this month.

Sharon Hamptlon was 27 when she bled to death following an abortion in California. The abortionist who killed her originally was charged with second-degree murder, but was allowed to plead to involuntary manslaughter, and sentenced to a year in jail. Had she avoided the office of Bruce Steir, she too might be making plans to attend her child’s commencement exercise.

Kelly Morse was 32 and almost nine weeks pregnant when she had a fatal meeting with an abortionist named Delhi Thweatt in Pennsylvania. She was a known asthmatic and when she became unable to breathe, Thweatt did everything wrong.  He’s still aborting children, but the two children Mrs. Morse left behind will not be cheering their younger sibling at graduation.

Tanya Williamson was almost 14 weeks pregnant when she showed up for a second-trimester abortion with Moshe Hachamovitch in his New York office. As Tanya lay dying in the recovery room from an overdose of anesthesia, another woman was shuffled into the procedure room for an abortion.

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We know the names of the famous parents and children involved in the college admissions scandal, and we mourned the loss of the celebrities who died in 1996, but I’m willing to bet very few Americans know the names of these mothers who made a choice that proved fatal to themselves and their children. When death is business as usual, these mothers are just the collateral damage of the right to choose abortion.

The 1.2 million children killed by abortion were never named, their bodies thrown in trash bins or incinerators along with the medical waste. You can be sure their parents are aware of their loss, even if their politics make them unable to say so.

If you are attending your own graduation this year, or that of a loved one or friend, I am asking you to say a prayer for all the students who are not there, and for the mothers and fathers whose “choice” led to the tragic deaths of those young scholars who will never toss their mortar boards in the air.

I am asking you to remember Carolina and Kelly, Tanya and Sharon, and to pray that the graduating classes of 2043 and beyond will not be missing any of its members.

Let’s pray for an end to abortion.