Democrat Legislator Bullies, Harasses Pro-Life Woman Peacefully Praying Outside Abortion Clinic

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 6, 2019   |   10:40AM   |   Harrisburg, PA

A pro-abortion Democrat lawmaker posted a video of himself harassing a peaceful pro-life protester while invoking his office last week in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims repeatedly bullied the pro-life woman in an unhinged rant as she stood alone outside a Planned Parenthood in his district in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Sims called the woman a “racist” and her sidewalk counseling “grotesque.” He followed her around, hurtling insults at her; and at one point, he got in her face with his camera and ignored her requests to leave her alone.

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In the video, which Sims posted publicly online, he also put out a public call for the pro-life woman’s address so that people could protest her at home.

“Shame on you!” Sims said as the woman asked him to get his camera out of her face. “You have a problem protesting in public? Don’t protest in public!

“If you know who this woman is and you can give me her address, we’ll protest out in front of her home. Let’s go protest out of her house and tell her what’s right for her body,” he continued.

For most of the video, the woman silently bore Sims’ constant bullying. The exception was when he got his camera close to her face and she asked him not to.

Sims also repeatedly exerted his power and privilege by mentioning that he is a state representative, including when the woman appeared to be calling police.

His bullying continued for at least eight minutes, the length of the video.

“Today’s protester, now she is an old white lady who is going to try to avoid showing you her face,” Sims began, according to a transcript by the Daily Caller. “But the same laws, luckily, that protect her from being out here also protect me from showing you who she is. And so my hope is that you’ll donate $100 [to Planned Parenthood] for every extra hour that this woman is out here telling people what is right for their bodies.”

Then, he shouted: “How many children have you clothed today? How about many children have you put shoes on their feet today? Have you fed any children today or have you just stood out in front of a Planned Parenthood shaming people for something they have a Constitutional right to do.”

“Who’d have thought that an old lady would be outside a Planned Parenthood telling people what is right for their bodies,” Sims continued. “What you are doing here is disgusting. This is wrong. You have no business being out here.”

Live Action initially broke news about the video over the weekend. Sims responded on Twitter by calling the pro-life organization “bullies.”

PJ Media’s Megan Fox predicted harassment against pro-lifers and Christians will only get worse:

If the [Pennsylvania] General Assembly does not act to stop this maniac, then the next thing coming down the pike is going to be feeding pro-lifers to zoo animals for entertainment. That’s where this is going. The open harassment of Christians must be stopped or it will end with blood at the hands of these hate-filled bigots without boundaries. He actually encourages everyone watching the video to go out and confront any protester they see at a Planned Parenthood abortion mill. Did he call for criminal harassment? It sure sounds like it.

LifeNews and other pro-life groups have witnessed an alarming uptick in incidents against pro-lifers. This spring, there were at least two physical assaults on elderly pro-life advocates in Kentucky and California. The Kentucky incident left a sidewalk counselor with a broken leg that required surgery and rehabilitation.

And, according to Students for Life of America, pro-life student clubs were victims of more than 50 acts of vandalism this school year.