Doctors Offered to Kill Her Disabled Son in an Abortion at 38 Weeks, She Said No

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 3, 2019   |   5:50PM   |   London, England

Debate about late-term abortions has reached a height again in politics. But what many individuals may not realize is just how often pregnant mothers are urged to abort viable, late-term unborn babies who have disabilities.

Alex Davey, of Dunbar, East Lothian, England, could have aborted her unborn son at nearly full term after doctors discovered that his brain was underdeveloped, according to Yahoo New UK.

Davey said doctors did not know exactly what was wrong with her son Benjamin, but they offered her an abortion; she was 38 weeks pregnant at the time. She and her husband rejected the idea, and a short time later, he was born.

That was in 2013.

Five years later, the family is enjoying every moment with Benjamin.

Davey said her son has a syndrome without a name. He cannot speak and has a feeding tube; he uses a wheelchair and is visually impaired, his mother said.

“He has epilepsy and something called dystonia which means his muscles spasm,” she said. “He also has something called global developmental delay which means he doesn’t develop like a normal child.”

The family said they do not know what care Benjamin will need in the future, or how long they have with him. But despite all his medical issues, Benjamin is a “lovely boy” who brings them joy, his mother told the news outlet.

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“He’s a lovely boy who is really happy. He doesn’t know any different, so he can only show what he feels through his body language,” his mother said.

Abortions are legal after 24 weeks in England when there are fetal abnormalities. In several states in America, late-term abortions are legal for any reason up to birth.

Unborn babies with disabilities are discriminated against at astronomical rates through abortion, and, because disabilities often are not detected until 20 weeks or later, many are aborted after they already are viable. Parents in these situations frequently report feeling pressure to abort their unborn babies by doctors and genetic counselors.

Stories like the Daveys help expose this eugenic trend. But, even more importantly, they demonstrate something beautiful – that every human being, no matter what their abilities, is valuable and deserves to be loved.