Abortion Activist Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Pro-Life Woman, Hitting Her With Metal Clamp

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 3, 2019   |   10:33AM   |   Toronto, Canada

A Toronto abortion activist pleaded guilty Wednesday to assaulting two pro-life advocates last October at Ryerson University.

Gabriela Skwarko, 23, a student at Ryerson, was charged with assault and assault with a weapon for the attack on pro-life advocates Katie Somers and Blaise Alleyne with Toronto Against Abortion.

Global News Canada reports Skwarko apologized in court Wednesday after pleading guilty to the charges. Her sentencing hearing is May 10, but the defense recommended 18 months of probation and a conditional discharge, according to the report.

The university also suspended her for a year and fired her from her job on campus, the report states.

Skwarko is a member of the pro-abortion club Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective.

The Oct. 1 incident, which was captured on video, shows Skwarko shoving Somers and throwing a metal cart at her while the pro-life group was doing outreach at the university.

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Alleyne said they were engaged in civil discussion with several pro-abortion protesters when Skwarko became hostile.

The video shows her knocking over one of their pro-life signs, pushing Somers repeatedly, grabbing something out of her backpack and then throwing the item.

“She chased after me, grabbed my full, stainless steel water bottle and smashed it on the ground, then grabbed my backpack, yanking me back and forth,” Somers said, recounting the attack. “I yelled, ‘Get away from me!’ And she came after me and shoved me. She then moved on to Blaise, bumping him in the chest with hers and saying, ‘Let’s go, are you filming me? Let’s do this!’”

Somers, whose wrist and leg were injured in the attack, told Fox News that she took time off work to heal. She said the assault also left her shaken emotionally.

On Wednesday, Somers told the local news that she thanked Skwarko for her apology.

“It meant a lot to hear her express remorse for what she did,” Somers said. “I’m glad Gabby is pleading guilty and taking responsibility for her actions and I hope the ruling will be a sufficient deterrent.”

The attack occurred just one day after a similar assault in another part of Toronto. On Sept. 30, a pro-life advocate with Campaign Life Coalition also reported being assaulted, allegedly by abortion activist Jordan Hunt, during a different pro-life rally in Toronto. Police said Hunt turned himself in after a video of the assault went viral. He also is facing charges.

Since then, LifeNews has reported on numerous other attacks on pro-lifers. These include assaults on two elderly pro-life advocates in Kentucky and California. The Kentucky incident left an older pro-life sidewalk counselor with a broken leg that required surgery and rehabilitation.

Earlier this week, pro-life speaker Ryan Bomberger said abortion activists also tried to disrupt his speech at the University of Texas Austin by throwing a smoke bomb in the room.

These are the incidents LifeNews has observed this year: