WATCH: Hospital Plans to Euthanize Cancer Patient Who Says in Video “I Want to Live”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 1, 2019   |   11:09AM   |   St. Paul, Minnesota

A pro-life legal group is advocating for a Minnesota cancer patient who they say may be euthanized despite her desire to live.

Catie Cassidy, 64, is suffering from lung cancer at Fairview Hospital in Edina, Minnesota.

Alexandra Snyder, executive director of Life Legal Defense Foundation, said Cassidy depends on an oxygen tube to breathe, but the hospital plans to remove it today. Without the oxygen, Snyder said Cassidy will suffocate to death.

“This is nothing short of active euthanasia, which is illegal in Minnesota and every other state,” she said in a statement.

Cassidy also has stated that she does not want the hospital to “pull the plug.”

In a video posted on YouTube, the cancer patient insists that she does not want to die. When asked if she wants her oxygen removed, Cassidy replies, “No! I want to live!”

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Snyder said Cassidy told a hospital chaplain that she wants to live after the chaplain was sent to her room to prepare her to die.

“Even though the hospital has been sedating Catie, she understands what the hospital is planning to do and says she is still fighting and is ‘not ready’ to die,” Snyder said.

The legal group is demanding that the hospital transfer Cassidy to another facility that will provide her with the care she needs. Life Legal did not provide details about why the hospital plans to remove Cassidy’s oxygen.

“We are appalled that a hospital would even consider withdrawing oxygen from a patient who has clearly communicated that she wants to live,” Snyder said.

ACTION: Call the hospital at (952) 924-5000 and demand that it let Catie Cassidy live.