Trump Was Right: 19 States Allow Infanticide, Let Abortionists Leave Babies to Die Who Survive an Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 29, 2019   |   10:06AM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists are trying to save face by accusing President Donald Trump of lying about infanticide.

Over the weekend, Trump slammed the Democratic governor of Wisconsin for rejecting a bill that would protect newborns who survive abortions, the Daily Mail reports.

The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act requires medical workers to provide the same level of medical care to an infant who survives an abortion that they would to any other infant born at that stage. Currently, 19 states do not have laws requiring medical care for babies born alive after botched abortions, according to research by Americans United for Life.

A number of states are considering the legislation this spring to require medical care for such infants and to punish doctors who fail to provide it, but abortion activists are fighting back.

“Your Democrat governor here in Wisconsin, shockingly, stated that he will veto legislation that protects Wisconsin babies born alive,” Trump said Saturday at a rally in the state.

“The baby is born, the mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby, they wrap the baby beautifully, and then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby,” he continued.

Making a chopping motion with his hand, Trump said: “You hear late term, but this is where the baby is actually born. It came out, it’s there, it’s wrapped — and that’s it.”

Many mainstream and liberal news outlets quickly slammed Trump as a liar. The Huffington Post claimed his execution statement was “blatantly false,” while the New York Times fact checker called it “false” and “incendiary.”

The news outlets argued that abortions on viable, late-term unborn babies are rare, and babies who survive those abortions are extremely rare. Relying on the claims of abortionist Daniel Grossman, the New York Times stated that abortionists do not kill infants who survive abortions, though they may not resuscitate the baby.

But a wealth of evidence supports Trump’s claims. There are personal testimonies from medical staff who have witnessed babies being abandoned to die after they survived abortions, as well as testimonies of abortion survivors themselves.

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Reports by the Centers for Disease Control indicate that there are infants born alive after botched abortions in the U.S. According to Congressional testimony:

Data that the CDC collects also confirms babies are born alive after attempted abortions.  Between the years 2003 and 2014 there were somewhere between 376 and 588 infant deaths under the medical code P96.4 which keeps track of babies born alive after a “termination of pregnancy.”

The CDC concluded that of the 588 babies, 143 were “definitively” born alive after an attempted abortion and they lived from minutes to one or more days, with 48% of the babies living between one to four hours.  It also admitted that it’s possible the number is an underestimate (B).

Data from other countries suggest the same. In 2018, for example, the Canadian Institute of Health Information reported 766 late-term, live-birth abortions over a five-year period. In Western Australia, at least 27 babies survived abortions between 1999 and 2016, according to the state’s health minister.

In addition, several nurses’ testimonies contradict what the abortionist told the New York Times.

Earlier this year, North Carolina state Rep. Pat McElraft said she saw newborns who survived abortions being left to die in buckets when she worked as a phlebotomist in a hospital in Jacksonville, according to North Carolina Health News.

“I was on a break and went in to visit with the pathologist in the pathology lab and I asked him, I said, ‘What are all these little pigs doing in these buckets?’ He told me, ‘Pat, look again,’ and I did. They were perfectly formed little human babies in those buckets,” she said.

Nurse Jill Stanek also testified about seeing babies born alive after botched abortions when she worked at a Chicago hospital in the late 1990s. She said she held one little baby boy for 45 minutes until he died; the horrors she saw later prompted her to became a pro-life advocate.

Pro-life lawmakers are working to crack down on infanticide across the nation. States including, Kentucky and Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Alabama are moving forward with legislation to require basic medical care for newborns. Some states never have passed laws to protect abortion survivors, while at least one other, New York, recently repealed its law requiring medical care for infants who survive abortions.

However, pro-abortion Democrats repeatedly blocked federal legislation in the U.S. House and Senate this spring. Governors in North Carolina and Wisconsin also have threatened to veto legislation in their states.

These horrific infanticide cases are drawing attention to the radical positions of the Democratic Party on abortion and infanticide. Calling Trump a liar deflects the criticism, but the evidence is on the president’s side.