Methodist Hospital Paid Woman to Have Abortion After Making Medical Error Harming Her Baby

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 11, 2019   |   3:08PM   |   Peoria, Illinois

An Illinois woman is suing a Methodist hospital after she says it made a medical error that may have harmed her unborn baby and then pressured her repeatedly to have an abortion.

In the lawsuit filed this week, Reneizha Morris, 23, accused the UnityPoint Health-Methodist hospital in Peoria of pressuring her to abort her unborn baby even though she did not want to, and paying her $2,000 to have the abortion, according to NBC 25 News.

Morris’s attorney Thomas R. Mulroy III accused the hospital of putting its own financial interests above its patients.

“This case has one of the ugliest fact patterns I have ever seen,” Mulroy said in a statement. “A perfectly healthy fetus was given a deadly injection based on reckless communication. The hospital administration knew full well they would have been legally responsible for the considerable healthcare costs associated with the baby’s birth injury. The hospital purely had their own interests in mind and failed to take Reneizha’s wishes into consideration.”

Her lawyers with the firm Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard said Morris learned she was pregnant in November 2017 after she was admitted to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Her unborn baby appeared to be healthy during the initial scan; but, later, due to a medical error, Morris was given a drug called methotrexate, which can cause severe birth defects, according to her attorneys. After realizing the mistake, doctors met with her twice to explain the possibility of birth defects, but she told them she wanted to keep her baby and “hoped it was a girl,” her attorneys said.

Eventually, however, Morris apparently began to cave into the pressure. A few weeks later, her lawyers said she went to an abortion facility in Peoria for an abortion. However, she chose life after seeing her unborn baby on the ultrasound screen, according to the law firm.

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Here’s more:

Ms. Morris’s attorneys have found the hospital’s records suddenly trail off at this point on how and when she supposedly decided to terminate the pregnancy. Following the canceled procedure, the hospital’s risk manager had two phone calls with the Morris family, which have been omitted from the medical record. On December 5, the hospital’s risk manager asked Ms. Morris to come to the hospital to pick up $2,000 in cash and a letter stating the money was to be used for “a consultation” at a Chicago-area Planned Parenthood clinic.

Due to increased pressure placed on her through the series of meetings, Ms. Morris felt she had no choice but to terminate the pregnancy and the baby was ultimately aborted on December 15, 2017.

Morris said she has suffered immensely ever since she aborted her unborn baby.

“No one should ever have to make that decision. I think about what happened every single day and I hope another woman will never have to feel the pain I have felt since this happened,” Morris said in a statement.

Morris’s attorneys are asking for $50,000 for each of five counts against the hospital, according to WMBD News.

A dirty little secret of the abortion industry is just how often women are pressured to have abortions, even when they want their babies. One study of post-abortive women found that 64 percent said they felt pressured to abort their unborn babies, often by partners or parents.