Mother Suffocated Her Newborn Baby to Death, Boyfriend Tossed His Body in the Dumpster

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 10, 2019   |   10:02AM   |   Trenton, NJ

Two New Jersey teenagers are facing criminal charges after the young mother allegedly suffocated her newborn to death and her boyfriend allegedly threw the baby’s body in a dumpster.

Police said Jada McClain, 18, of Neptune Township, and her boyfriend Quaimere Mohammed, 19, of Asbury Park, discussed killing their baby because they did not want their families to find out about the pregnancy, ABC News 30 reports.

Mohammed allegedly told his girlfriend that they had to do what was best for them, according to police.

On March 29, McClain gave birth to a baby boy in her bathroom and then suffocated him by pushing on his chest, according to her testimony to police. Later, she and her boyfriend allegedly wrapped the baby in a blanket, put him in a bag and then threw his body in a dumpster, police said.

A friend reported the incident to police a few days later, the report states. The friend also said McClain attempted to abort her unborn baby by drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana and taking drugs.

Police said McClain told them she thought about having an abortion, but she did not want her parents to find out.

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Police said they later obtained surveillance video that appears to show Mohammed throwing something into the dumpster on the day McClain gave birth.

McClain is charged with first-degree murder and desecrating human remains, and Mohammed is charged with second-degree disturbing or desecrating human remains, according to the report.

The infant’s death could have been prevented. All 50 states have safe haven laws to protect babies from abandonment and infanticide. Safe haven laws allow mothers in crisis to leave their newborns in a safe environment, such as a hospital or fire station, without questions or repercussions, as long as there are no signs of abuse. In New Jersey, parents may drop off a newborn within 30 days of birth to a hospital emergency room, fire or ambulance station or police station.

If you or someone you know would like more information about relinquishing a newborn child, please call 1-866-99BABY1 or 1-888-510-BABY. More information also is available at or