Massive 50-Foot Tall Pro-Life Video Billboard Will Run in Times Square Taking on Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 10, 2019   |   11:30AM   |   Washington, DC

Students for Life of America is sponsoring a massive 50-foot-tall video billboard in Times Square this week with a message that takes on abortion and Planned Parenthood.

The billboard is timed to run for three days during SFLA’s National Gala in the Big Apple tonight.

“When I asked our supporters if they wanted to send a pro-life message in Times Square, the answer was a resounding YES,” said SFLA President Kristan Hawkins.

She told LifeNews: “We had to fight to have our message heard as twice companies pulled the plug on our custom-made ad after intensive negotiations. But we don’t give up on college campuses, even when facing threats of violence, and we didn’t give up on sending a message to the vast majority of New Yorkers who reject infanticide and are horrified by the abortion extremism recently legalized in New York.”

“Our billboard is set to run on a 50-foot-tall HD video screen in one of the busiest locations on the planet. Over three days, the 15 second video ad will run a minimum of 720 times and be seen by tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of people,” Hawkins explained.

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Earlier this year, SFLA sponsored a poll that found only 7 percent of Millennials support the abortion extremism of New York and the Democratic Party Platform – abortion through all nine months, for any reason at all, and sometimes with taxpayer funding. A recent Marist poll found that almost 7 of 10 New Yorkers oppose late-term abortion, despite the fact that their legislators cheered as Governor Cuomo signed a radical abortion measure into law.

“Late term abortion and infanticide for babies born during abortions are barbaric and represent the human rights issue of our day,” said Hawkins. “The Pro-life Generation will not forget the least of these among us, mothers and their pre-born infants, who deserve our help and support.”

The Gala – Called to Bring Light to the Darkness — will feature Fox News Personality Todd Starnes and Bishop Edward Scharfenberger of Albany, who stood up to pro-abortion Catholic Governor Andrew Cuomo last month before he signed into law a measure allowing abortions in all nine months and rolling back protections on babies who are born alive during abortion procedures.

The event will also highlight some of the students from Covington Catholic High School who were ridiculed, threatened and made famous following this year’s March for Life when professional agitators targeted them.