Abortion Activist Chelsea Handler: “I Had a Midlife Identity Crisis” When Trump Won

National   |   Ryan Foley   |   Apr 8, 2019   |   12:06PM   |   Washington, DC

Friday’s edition of Real Time With Bill Maher contained the usual amount of anti-Trump venom one would expect from the HBO program. Maher suggested that the President has dementia while guest Chelsea Handler talked about how President Trump caused her to have a “midlife identity crisis” and fantasized about a sexual relationship with Special Counsel Robert Mueller; echoing a comment she had previously made on Twitter.

For starters, author Salman Rushdie compared America under President Trump to a third-world dictatorship: “I’ve spent a certain amount of my life in third-world countries…which have had military dictatorships and very corrupt civilian dictatorships…It’s very depressing to see this country behaving like that.”

Maher abruptly changed the topic, proceeding to peddle a conspiracy theory about President Trump suffering from dementia: “This week was quite a week for the dementia watch. I mean, the President could not pronounce the word origins. He could not name where his father was born. He thought his father was born in Germany. He said windmills cause cancer.” Although he did not explicitly mention it, Maher’s dementia comments certainly imply that the President should face removal from office under the 25th Amendment.

As if that was not enough anti-Trump commentary, Maher brought on comedian Chelsea Handler; who talked about how “I had a midlife identity crisis once Trump won the election because I had never had my world feel so…feel so unhinged I think. And I had to pay a psychiatrist to listen to me bitch about Donald Trump for about the first three weeks.” Perhaps she would not have needed a psychiatrist if she had followed through on her threat to move to Canada if Trump won the election.

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Handler then compared the election of President Trump to the death of her brother when she was nine years old; mentioning that she felt a “huge emotional trigger of everything being destabilized” in both cases. She closed her anti-Trump rant by talking about how she “just wanted to f***ing fight people” and reiterated her need to see a psychiatrist because of her Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Handler’s Trump Derangement Syndrome continued to show in “Overtime.” When Maher asked her “after the last couple of weeks we’ve had, are you still attracted to Robert Mueller?” She responded in the affirmative: “I am sexually attracted to Robert Mueller. It’s out there. I feel this way. I love him.” She indicated that her love for the married Mueller comes with a catch: “I am waiting for the full report to decide whether I want to pursue a sexual relationship.”

Even though Maher told her “you should definitely wait for the full report,” that will not make a difference when it comes to successfully achieving her goal of living happily ever after with the Special Counsel. Just like Handler and other liberals have had a hard time coming to terms with the reality of a Trump presidency, Handler will have to accept the fact that a relationship between her and Mueller will never, ever happen.

LifeNews Note: Ryan Foley writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.