Pro-Life Group’s Ads on Abortion Risks Censored After Abortion Activist Calls Them “Lies”

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 4, 2019   |   7:11PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

A Canadian public transportation system said it will remove ads warning women about possible risks of abortion after abortion activists complained.

CBC reports the ads recently began running on the Grand River Transit buses in the Region of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada They are sponsored by KW Right to Life.

The ads are black and white with a photo of a woman in distress and the words: “Abortion is linked to suicide, substance abuse, breast cancer, depression, infertility. Let’s talk.” It also includes the sponsoring pro-life group’s name, a phone number and the website for the film “Hush,” a documentary about an abortion supporter’s journey to understand abortion risks.

Abortion activists in the city began complaining as soon as the ads went up.

Lyndsey Butcher, executive director of the pro-abortion Shore Centre, formerly Planned Parenthood, is one of the leaders behind the effort to have the ads removed, according to the report.

She sent a letter to local authorities, claiming that the ads are “outright lies” and demanding that they be removed.

“In effect, this ad is lying to members of our community.” Butcher wrote. She said they also reinforce “the stigma and judgement felt by women in our community who have chosen to access a safe and legal medical procedure.”

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Soon afterward, Grand River Transit officials released a statement saying they would remove the ads “immediately.”

“GRT has a review process in place for potentially controversial ads, this process was not followed by our contractor and the ads were displayed without approval,” the statement said.

Abortion activists like to make it sound like there are no risks to abortion. But numerous studies demonstrate that there are serious risks to a woman’s health, as well as the death of her unborn baby. As the ad says, these include increased risks breast cancer, suicide, depression/anxiety, future premature births and even death.

Action: Contact Grand River Transit.