Gloria Steinem: “There is No Democracy” Without the Right to Kill Babies in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 4, 2019   |   11:08AM   |   Washington, DC

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem claimed “there is no democracy” without the right to abort unborn babies Wednesday at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser.

A long-time abortion activist, Steinem spent most of her speech slamming President Donald Trump and the “patriarchy” for trying to restrict abortions, The Fairfield Citizen reports. She also flattered Planned Parenthood by claiming it may be the most important organization on earth.

“Our ability, men and women, to make decisions over our own bodies is the first step of democracy,” she told the crowd at the annual fundraiser in Stamford, Connecticut. “There is no democracy without that.”

Her comment specifically referred to the Trump administration’s new Title X rule, which defunds Planned Parenthood of tens of millions of tax dollars, according to the local news. The Protect Life rule prohibits abortion facilities from receiving any Title X tax dollars unless they completely separate their abortion businesses from their taxpayer-funded services. Planned Parenthood already has said it will not comply.

Steinem described the rule as “angering and wrong,” because it would limit women’s access to abortions.

“The first step in every hierarchy is controlling reproduction of women,” she continued. “It’s called patriarchy.”

She also praised Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America, for its work.

“There is no organization in this country or maybe on earth that is more important than Planned Parenthood because you are addressing the basic equality for which all other equality springs,” Steinem said. “Male or female, we get to make decisions over our own physical selves. Nothing is more important than that.”

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Steinem is wrong. Few things are as contradictory to patriarchal power as abortion laws in the U.S. Because of various court decisions, fathers have no rights whatsoever to protect their unborn baby’s life if the mother wants an abortion. Countless fathers are left powerless and grieving because they legally cannot stop their own child from being aborted.

The abortion message that activists like Steinem preach is demeaning to women as well. It implies that women are too weak to succeed unless they can abort their unborn babies.

But her comments about equality are perhaps the most atrocious of all because they refuse to acknowledge that human rights are for all humans. With abortion, there is no equality for unborn babies – living, unique human beings from the moment of conception. Every year, Planned Parenthood kills more than 330,000 of them in abortions and profits from their deaths.

Equality never can be achieved by trampling on the rights of others, and a true democracy should protect the rights of every human being indiscriminately, especially the most vulnerable and defenseless.