She Was Jailed After Working at Kermit Gosnell’s Abortion Clinic, Now She’s a Pro-Life Christian

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 21, 2019   |   4:47PM   |   Washington, DC

Adrienne Moton saw horrors that few can imagine.

She used to work for one of the most notorious abortionists in America, Kermit Gosnell. The Philadelphia abortion doctor was convicted of murdering newborn babies and numerous other horrific crimes in 2013.

Moton spent time in prison for her work with Gosnell, but today she is on a journey to healing after finding forgiveness in Christ. She is involved with the ministry And Then There Were None, which Planned Parenthood director-turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson set up to help abortion workers quit their jobs.

She recently began to speak publicly about the horrors that she both saw and participated in at Gosnell’s abortion facility.

As a young woman, Moton said she struggled with relationships and finances. She said she knew Gosnell, and he offered to help her; he gave her a job working at his abortion facility in Philadelphia, and she took it because she needed the money.

“I thought I was doing something good, because I myself had two abortions,” she said.

But it did not take long for her to become uncomfortable with what she was doing. “I felt it just wasn’t right,” she remembered.

She stayed for three years but finally decided to quit in 2008. Several years later, authorities raided Gosnell’s facility on suspicion of illegal drug distribution, and Moton was convicted and jailed after pleading guilty to third-degree murder. She also testified against Gosnell.

“It haunted me,” she said, crying from the memories. “There was one situation where it was a – I can’t even say a fetus, it was a baby. He was a baby-baby.”

Moton said there were times when she would try to go to sleep and she would see that baby boy standing there looking at her and asking, “Why?”

“I could have done something,” she said. “I truly believe I could have done something. Knowing what happened to him and how it happened to him, that was a turning point for me.”

After serving her time, she found And Then There Were None and became a Christian. She said she found healing, love and redemption through the ministry and Christ’s love.

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“Adrienne has discovered she has a talent for making beautiful things and a desire to speak out against the both the institutional horrors and the personal horrors experienced by the employees of the abortion industry,” the ministry told LifeNews.

She also makes jewelry through her label “Fashionably Forgiven,” using her artistic gifts to share the beauty and power of forgiveness and love. The ministry described her as a devoted mother who has an awesome sense of humor.

“After working in the abortion industry, I realized that my hands have participated in some terrible things,” she shared in 2017. “Although I may have a long way to go in overcoming my past, making jewelry has helped me to see that my hands were always destined to produce beautiful things.”

She encouraged others who may still be in the abortion industry to understand that no one is beyond God’s reach of forgiveness.

Recently, Johnson said her organization has helped nearly 500 workers quit their abortion jobs.

Johnson’s story will be told across the nation in the new movie, “Unplanned.” At least 1,000 theaters are slated to screen the film starting March 29. The film is rated “R” but a group of conservative leaders are contesting the rating.

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