Woman Pregnant With Quadruplets Wants to Abort the Boy Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 20, 2019   |   1:55PM   |   Washington, DC

A woman who is pregnant with quadruplets after suffering from infertility now is considering whether to abort two of them.

The Reddit user PlaneGanache posted her story online Tuesday, asking if she is wrong to want to abort her twin sons and not her twin daughters.

The woman said she and her husband struggled to get pregnant for years and eventually went through in vitro fertilization to conceive.

“Fast forward. We find out we’re pregnant and we are super happy, like over the moon ecstatic,” she wrote. “We couldn’t wait for the 12 week mark to tell people, and started working on a nursery right away.”

During a recent pregnancy scan, however, the couple learned that they are expecting quadruplets: identical twin girls and two fraternal boys.

“Four. That’s insane,” she wrote.

Though the babies are healthy, she said they are seriously considering aborting two of them, specifically the boys.

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She wrote:

Now, I’m a small woman, 5’0 and very petite. At my next scan, it was suggested I consider aborting two of the pregnancies for the sake of my body, and to be honest, I was quietly considering bringing this idea up to my husband anyway because of the money involved with raising four children. We could afford two babies, but no way could we afford four.

Me and my husband are distraught that this is our reality, but we went home and tried to figure it out. From our latest scan, we know we have identical twin girls and two fraternal boys in there. If we go through with the selective abortion, which we most likely will, I brought up that I would like to keep the two girls as they are identical twins (I’m hoping they have the ‘twin bond’) and also, to be honest, I’ve always wanted girls.

While her husband agrees with her, she said other family members got upset when they shared their plans. She said she is “heartbroken,” and she wonders if she is an “a——” for wanting to abort her sons.

Her story is not verifiable, but studies indicate most women do not have abortions as a result of rape or health problems. It also is not uncommon for women carrying multiples to be encouraged to abort one or more of their unborn babies.

The reasons why women have abortions often startle people. Abortion workers and post-abortive women themselves sometimes admit to having abortions for completely elective reasons. One former abortionist said one of his patients wanted an abortion because she did not want to be pregnant for her high school prom. Another woman recently told New York Magazine that she aborted her healthy, viable unborn baby at 28 weeks for purely elective reasons.

And they are within their legal right to do so. Elective abortions, including sex-selection abortions, are legal in most of the United States — sometimes all the way up to birth.