Model Dies From Botched Abortion, Abortionist Hid Her Body to Conceal Crime

International   |   Christina Vazquez   |   Mar 13, 2019   |   4:42PM   |   Washington, DC

Police revealed evidence this week that a Pakistani model was killed during a botched abortion and then her body hidden to conceal the alleged crime.

According to police, the late Pakistani model Rubab Shafiq’s body was dumped at the Moach Goth graveyard in Karachi, Pakistan, after she died.

Geo TV News reported that Shafiq’s friend, Umar, brought her to the doctor for an abortion. During the procedure, Shafiq’s condition worsened, and both she and her unborn child died, according to police.

After realizing that Shafiq had died, the abortionist, her assistant and Shafiq’s friend allegedly put the woman’s body into a vehicle, dumped it in a local graveyard, and fled the scene, police said. They also threw away her phone, according to the report.

Shafiq’s family filed a missing persons report after they had not heard from her for two days, police said. The family said she was supposed to go shopping with Umar for an outfit for a family member’s wedding around the time she went missing, E Times reported.

The late model’s body was recovered from the Moach Goth graveyard on Feb. 22, and then it was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where Shafiq’s family was able to identify her, according to police.


The family then learned that, instead of a shopping trip, Shafiq and Umar had gone to an illegitimate abortionist in the Gulzar-e-Hijri area, where, during the abortion procedure, Shafiq died, police said.

Police officials noted that the doctor and her assistant both confessed to the crime. Shafiq’s friend Umar, however, fled Karachi and is considered the primary suspect in this case, according to the local news.  While Umar is still on the run, the abortionist and her assistant have been arrested, police said.

Shafiq’s bereaved family called her death a murder, and called upon Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to take action. They urged authorities to locate Umar and prosecute those involved in Shafiq’s abortion.