Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Kicks Out Abortion Clinic That Killed Babies for 16 Years

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 28, 2019   |   11:30AM   |   Austin, Texas

Mothers in need soon will find free, compassionate, caring support for themselves and their babies in a Texas facility that once housed a notorious abortion business.

Austin LifeCare is moving into a building once occupied by Whole Woman’s Health, a Texas-based abortion chain with a long record of health and safety violations.

According to the Austin Chronicle, which published a series of biased reports on the move, Whole Woman’s Health recently lost its lease when Andy Schoonover, a local businessman and pro-life advocate, proposed a better offer. The property is located at the 8400 block of North Interstate 35 in Austin.

Now, the facility is being renovated, and the pregnancy center hopes to open at the new location in the spring, The Statesman reports.

Austin LifeCare, a pro-life nonprofit, provides life-affirming education and support to pregnant and parenting moms. It encourages struggling moms to choose life for their unborn babies, and provides help through their journey, including free diapers, cribs, car seats, maternity clothes and parenting classes.

Upset at being forced to move, Amy Hagstrom Miller, founder of Whole Woman’s Health, told the Chronicle that patients may mistake the pregnancy center for her abortion business. She said they have been at that location since 2003.

“We fear and mourn for those patients now, knowing they’ll be greeted by non-licensed workers in an unregulated facility posing as medical staff, waiting to force their political ideology on someone who simply wants to have an abortion,” she said. “Now, more than ever, we need the Austin community to rally behind us.”

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But it is Hagstrom Miller who is misleading women and putting lives in danger. State inspection reports obtained by And Then There Were None in 2017 showed dozens of health and safety violations inside her Texas abortion facilities.

Findings included:

  • Failed to properly disinfect and sterilize instruments that were used from woman to woman
  • Failed to provide a safe and sanitary environment – products of conception were being examined and contaminated instruments were being washed in the same room
  • Emergency cart contained expired supplies and medications
  • Cracks, rips and tears on the vinyl covers of exam tables
  • There was a hole in the cabinet flooring that had “the likelihood to allow rodents to enter the facility”
  • Suction machines had numerous rusty spots having the “likelihood to cause infection”

Even more state inspection reports obtained by Texas Alliance for Life in 2013 showed dozens of violations that threatened the safety of Whole Woman’s Health patients, including lack of sterilization of abortion instruments, lack of an RN or LVN on staff, rusty suction machines and expired and unlabeled medications.

In 2012, the Texas Medical Board also disciplined two abortion practitioners from the abortion chain, Alan H. Molson and Robert E. Hanson. Molson and Hanson both admitted to conduct that constituted violations of the standards of patient care. Both were fined $3,000 and ordered to take continuing medical education classes in risk management.

Whole Woman’s Health in Austin and McAllen also were caught illegally dumping aborted babies’ body parts and were fined $83,000, LifeNews reported in 2012.

Whole Woman’s Health runs several abortion facilities in Texas and others in Maryland, Minnesota and Illinois. It also is fighting to open a new abortion facility in Indiana.

The Austin community should rejoice that women now have a better option in Austin LifeCare, a nonprofit that truly supports women and their families.