This Baby Survived an Abortion That Killed Her Twin Brother

National   |   Christina Vazquez   |   Feb 27, 2019   |   4:17PM   |   Washington, DC

A Texas woman’s story has impacted countless people as she shared how she survived an abortion that killed her twin brother.

Claire Culwell, a 30-year-old from Austin, Texas, was born prematurely after surviving a late-term abortion that her mother had gone through.

The Daily Mail reported that Culwell’s birth mother, Tonya Glasby, was just 13 years old when she became pregnant. After telling her parents about her situation, she said they told her to have an abortion.

Glasby went through with the abortion five months into her pregnancy, but the doctors did not know that she had been pregnant with twins and Culwell was still alive in the womb.

Glasby realized she was still pregnant when she continued to feel kicking after her abortion. She said she traveled to a different state to have a second abortion, but doctors declared it too risky to undertake.

At seven months, Culwell was born prematurely with dislocated hips and club feet. In a recent interview with The Sun, Culwell shared photos of herself as an infant, only months after her birth.

“This is what it looks like to survive an abortion,” Culwell said. “My hips were dislocated, I had club feet and I was in body casts to correct what the abortion had done…but I still deserved to live.”

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At two months, Culwell was adopted by her parents, Barbara and Warren Culwell. She flourished, despite numerous health complications that resulted from the abortion.

When she was 20, Culwell ventured to meet her birth mother. After months of searching, she reconnected with Glasby at a friend’s house. She shared photos of her childhood with her birth mother and thanked her for choosing life. Culwell had written a card to her birth mother in advance that said, “Thank you for choosing life for me…it’s the greatest gift I’ve ever received.”

Glasby said meeting her daughter had been “amazing,” and that “forgiveness is a wonderful thing.”

Today, Culwell is a proud mother of three children, two of whom she adopted. She still remains in touch with her birth mother, who is now 47.

Many stories have been written about Culwell’s life, but her testimony is especially powerful today as the nation debates late-term abortion and infanticide. The photos of her as an infant put in perspective the physical impact that abortion has on children. Culwell’s story is a powerful testimony to the the importance and intrinsic value of every life. In a time of turmoil where bills to prevent infanticide are being blocked in the House of Representatives, abortion survival stories remind us of the gravity of abortion. Children are dying every day, and we must continue to fight and advocate for their lives, inside and outside the womb.