WATCH: Shocking Video Shows Woman 8 Months Pregnant About to Abort Her Healthy Baby

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 20, 2019   |   7:20PM   |   Boulder, Colorado

In a shocking new video, a woman posed as a 25 week pregnant abortion patient and scheduled an abortion at a Colorado abortion clinic that is one of the few in the nation to do abortions up to birth.

During the video, the woman who posed as an abortion customer has a conversation with another woman who is 8 months pregnant and has plans for an abortion that day. The video depicts the woman indicating to the undercover reporter that her unborn baby is perfectly fine and there are no medical reasons for her to have an abortion almost to birth — for either her or her baby.

The Daily Wire has more information on this bombshell undercover video, which was filmed at the infamous Boulder Abortion Clinic operated by Warren Hearn:

Mariel, who is 25 weeks pregnant, places a hidden camera on her person and goes into a Colorado abortion clinic, where all items save a photo ID are curiously banned. Babies at 25 weeks, mind you, are considered viable, with a 70% chance of survival outside the womb.

Mariel is told she’ll be briefed on an abortion and get an ultrasound soon, and is directed to sit in the waiting room. But while Mariel is waiting, she begins talking to a woman who is eight months pregnant (known as Patient X in the video) and set for an abortion that day. As she indicates to Mariel, the baby is perfectly fine; there are no known birth defects nor are there any known risks to her health.

“There’s nothing wrong with my pregnancy, like no fetal, whatever anomalies,” says Patient X. “All of that checked out fine. I mean they ran all the tests on him. I mean, he’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with him. They did the Down syndrome [test], they ran all of that stuff.”

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A conversation eventually ensues where an abortion clinic staffer is irritated that the 32-week-pregnant mother has not brought any form of payment with her to cover the cost of the abortion.