CNN Poll: 76% of Americans Have a Positive View of Trump’s Pro-Life State of the Union Speech

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 6, 2019   |   10:59AM   |   Washington, DC

How did Americans react to President Donald Trump’s pro-life State of the Union speech last night? According to a CNN poll, 76% of Americans had a positive view of President Trump’s speech.

And a 59% majority of Americans watching the State of the Union had a very positive view of President Trump’s speech.

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Chalian broke down some of their findings. “A very positive reaction from those who watched the speech tonight. 59 percent very positive. 17 percent somewhat positive. 23 percent negative.”

So, between the “very positive” and “somewhat positive” reactions, Trump had a total of 76 percent of viewers saying they approved of the speech. That matched CBS News’s findings as well. It’s also an increase of six percent over last year’s address.

I want you to see that very positive number, how that compares to Donald Trump’s performances in the last couple of years when he has given a speech to a joint session of Congress like this. You’ll see that, again tonight he was again at 59 percent. He was down at 48 percent very positive a year ago. Back when he first started the job and he addressed the Congress, he was at 57 percent. So he is back up. This is a — this is a speech-watching audience that was more receptive this year than last year to what they saw.

But he failed to mention that those with a negative opinion of the address fell from 29 percent to 23 percent, another 6-point swing.

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President Donald Trump gave a clear and forceful message on pro-life issues during the State of the Union Address tonight.

He slammed the governors of New York and Virginia for promoting abortion up to birth and infanticide. And he called for Congress to pass a ban on late-term abortions on babies who are capable of feeling pain.

Read his remarks here or watch the video below: