LISTEN: Undercover Call Catches Abortion Clinic Offering to Kill Baby at 32 Weeks

Opinion   |   Father Frank Pavone   |   Feb 4, 2019   |   10:44AM   |   Washington, DC

As the renewed debate over late-term abortion continues to rage across the country, the other side apparently has not renewed its talking points. Just as Hillary Clinton said in the third debate with Donald Trump in 2016, so the abortion advocates in the current debate try to make people think that late term abortions are happening only because of medical emergencies for the mother or deformities for the child.

It’s simply not true.

In a FOX News discussion recently with Shannon Bream, Planned Parenthood’s Director of Political Communications, Erica Sackin, asserted of these late-term abortions, “If they do happen later, it is almost exclusively because a woman’s health is at risk or a woman’s life is at risk or because her pregnancy won’t actually be viable.”

Yet when Priests for Life commissioned Abortion Free New Mexico to make phone calls in late 2017 to abortion facilities throughout the country, our caller posed as a healthy mom carrying a healthy baby at 30 weeks of pregnancy (or a few weeks before that in states that have an earlier limit), and time and time again, without exception, successfully secured an abortion appointment. From the transcripts of two of the calls, we read the following:

Call 1:

Clinic worker (Southwestern Women’s Options, Albuquerque): Okay. So yeah, almost 30. 30. Is there anything wrong with the fetus?

Caller: No, there’s not. It’s more just life happening. My husband lost his job. We already have some kids and were planning to continue the pregnancy, but now with our world falling apart we just felt like this was the best way out.

Clinic worker: Do you yourself have anything going on medically like asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure?

Caller: No.

Clinic worker: Are you currently taking any medications for any reason?

Caller:  No.

Clinic worker: Well, the doctor has accepted you as a patient. We’ll be scheduling you for Tuesday next week, so we’ll be starting on the 9th  –

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Call 2:

Clinic worker (office of abortionist Warren Hern, Boulder, CO): Good morning, Dr. Hern’s office. How can I help you?

Caller: Yes. I wanted to schedule an abortion appointment.

Respondent: Okay. Do you know how far along you are in your pregnancy?

Caller: Just around 30 weeks…I’ve been going to the appointments and everything, but my husband and I just split up and I just don’t want to continue with the pregnancy now…

Respondent: Yeah. He said that he would see you on the 28th.

Caller: Okay.

Respondent: And it looks like you will probably be about 32 weeks at that time so the fee would likely be either $17,500 or $25,000.

As it was from the outset of the abortion industry, its advocates constantly lie, and only market their product by hiding it. Yet no lie can live forever. The current furor is good for America; while we have the attention of more people than usual, let’s redouble our efforts to expose and end this atrocity.

LifeNews Note: Below image is of an unborn baby at 32 weeks.