If We Call Unborn Babies “Undocumented Infants” Will Liberals Stop Killing Them?

Opinion   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 31, 2019   |   6:05PM   |   Washington, DC

Conservative writer Matt Walsh has a way with words. And during the last 24 hours he has taken Twitter by storm with a campaign to call unborn babies “undocumented infants.”

Language is a powerful tool and Matt Walsh has always understood that. Just as Democrats have turned the term “illegal immigrants” into “undocumented migrants” to be able to put a better spin on their views about border security, Walsh thinks it’s time for a new term to take advantage of that lexicon.

To that end, he has taken to Twitter to call babies “undocumented infants” with the hope that it will shine a spotlight on the hypocrisy of Democrats who support children coming to the United States from other countries but who don’t support children coming out of the birth canal.

Here is some of the idea behind Walsh’s thinking along with a series of tweets he posted that take the idea to the next level:

The only difference between a baby moments before leaving the womb and a baby outside the womb is documentation. A birth certificate and Social Security card are issued to a child within a few weeks of birth. This paperwork is necessary to make the child an official citizen of the United States, but they cannot actually confer biological personhood status. Personhood may be recognized by words on a page, but the words cannot make a person. Besides, I’ve been reliably informed that undocumented people are still people and deserve all of the same rights as those of us with documentation

I’ve also been told many times that undocumented people have the right to cross through barriers and over borders in pursuit of life and liberty. Planned Parenthood even says that the undocumented “have the right to live.” I totally agree with this sentiment. All people have the right to live. And I certainly would not support summary execution of immigrants on the southern border. It’s fortunate that no one has ever suggested such a thing.

But there is, you might say, a different southern border that is quite often protected by violent means. Undocumented infants who are trying to cross the border of the birth canal in hopes of a better life are routinely stabbed, poisoned, crushed, and dismembered for doing so. The murder of these migrants is especially egregious because, unlike the type from Central America, they really have no choice but to leave their homeland. It is often insisted that migrants from Mexico and Guatemala are “forced” to leave because of conditions in their countries. Well, undocumented infants really are forced. They did not choose to be conceived in their womb of origin. They do not choose when and if they are born. They are victims of circumstance.

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So the question is, do you support Undocumented Infants?