Woman Admits Killing Seven Babies in Abortions, Including Twins Who Where Hugging Each Other

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 25, 2019   |   7:14PM   |   London, England

Martha Anne Bwore does not want other women to go through life with the same pain and regret that she has.

As a young woman, she aborted seven of her unborn babies, including twins who she saw hugging each other in the womb before they died, according to Pulse Live.

Bwore said she grew up in Kenya in a conservative home where they never talked about sex. At age 17, she said her parents sent her to college in India.

“Here I am in India with money, booze, boys and freedom. There was scarcity of girls so we were treated like royalty,” she said.

Bwore may not have known this, but women are scarce in India because of sex-selection abortions and infanticide. According to a 2018 report from the Government of India, 63 million women are missing from India’s population largely due to discriminatory sex-selection abortions.

Bwore’s irresponsible lifestyle quickly resulted in her becoming pregnant. She said she suffered a miscarriage and her baby’s death traumatized her, but she soon went back to the party life.

Her second pregnancy occurred not long afterward, and her boyfriend at the time urged her to abort their unborn child.

“I told him and he told me we are still young and he told me to get rid of it,” she remembered. “I am someone who If I love you, I will do anything for you, so I did it.”

Bwore chose life for her third unborn child, until doctors warned her that the pregnancy was threatening her life, according to the report. So, she had a third abortion.

Her next three unborn babies were killed after her boyfriend or boyfriends, the report is not clear, pressured her to have abortions as well.

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During one of her appointments, “they did a pregnancy test but midway during the process, they stopped. The doctor directed me subjected to an ultrasound and that’s when they realized I was having twins,” she said.

“After two days of horror, I watched at my two babies, a boy and a girl and they were just hugging…and I cried, I told God to forgive me and promised to live to his will,” Bwore continued.

Today, Bwore has two living children, but she aborted seven of their siblings before they had a chance even see the world. She said she hopes her story will help other Kenyan girls be more responsible than she was.

Millions of women regret aborting their unborn babies. While their pain and sorrow will not bring back their babies, many women bravely share their stories publicly to urge other women and girls to choose better paths.