This Abortionist Travels to Texas Every Month to Kill Up To 50 Babies a Day in Abortions

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 25, 2019   |   1:45PM   |   Dallas, Texas

Writing sympathetic, unquestioning pieces about abortion practitioners seems to be a new trend in the mainstream media.

One such profile appeared this week in the Los Angeles Times. It follows a Northern California abortionist who travels to Dallas, Texas every month to abort unborn babies.

The piece treats the abortionist, who asked not to be named, as noble and selfless for traveling so far and working so hard to provide abortions. It does not question the safety of seeing “three, perhaps four, times the number of patients a physician would typically see in a shift” or telling women that abortion risks are “falsehoods” peddled by anti-abortion activists.

She appears to be getting paid well, too. The Dallas abortion business pays for her travel and hotel expenses as well as her work aborting unborn babies, according to the report.

The report begins:

She comes here once a month, part of an unofficial network of physicians who travel across state lines to perform abortions in places where few doctors are willing.

It’s not yet 9 a.m., and the clinic’s waiting rooms are filled, navigating them a game of human Tetris. Women with their husbands. Women pushing strollers. Women alone.

The young doctor will spend 60 hours in Dallas this trip and perform 50 abortions. She will have to run in the hallways to keep up with her packed schedule.

The California physician was one of more than a dozen doctors interviewed by The Times who commute to other states to perform abortions. She allowed a reporter and a photographer to accompany her to Dallas on the condition that she not be named and that her face not be shown in photographs, citing concerns for her personal safety.

On Friday, her first day at the abortion facility, she saw 80 patients and gave them ultrasounds. The next day, she had 50 abortions scheduled, according to the report. This is “three, perhaps four, times the number of patients a physician would typically see in a shift,” the report notes.

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The jam-packed schedule alone should have raised very serious safety concerns in the reporter’s mind. Rushed procedures, little time for the doctor to ask questions about patients’ medical conditions or concerns, little time for the patient to ask questions, see the ultrasound of her unborn baby or consider the informed consent information that the doctor rattled “off like the end of a TV commercial for a prescription drug.”

Instead, the report describes the situation as a testament to the abortion doctor’s dedication to helping women.

The concerning revelations do not stop there. The abortionist apparently misleads her patients about abortion risks, telling them that they are “falsehoods often propagated by antiabortion activists” and the state informed consent packet is just a “crazy piece of paper” that she is forced to read to patients.

The report continues:

The doctor explains that an early pregnancy is simply “a clump of cells.” When she looks at what she has removed from the patient’s uterus floating in a glass dish, she sees a piece of yellowish-red tissue smaller than her little finger.

This is not true either, and as a doctor, the abortionist should know that. By six weeks, unborn babies have a detectable heartbeat, and at the moment of conception, they already are living human beings with their own unique DNA.

She also confirms the patients’ fears, rather than providing unbiased information about alternatives to abortion, including the support systems available to moms and babies:

A mother of three says, “I just want it out, is all,” before asking how much the termination costs. The price varies based on how far along the pregnancy is, but is typically around $700.

“It’s expensive, but it’s not as expensive as a baby,” the patient says.

“And diapers,” the doctor says.

“And waking up in the middle of the night,” the woman replies.

Pregnancy centers provide free diapers and other materials to women in need, and many help women sign up for social service programs as well. But the abortionist apparently does not mention that to her patients.

Abortions in Dallas are something she has been doing since 2014, and apparently she has no plans to stop.

The profile apparently was meant to shine a good light on abortion practitioners’ work, but hopefully some readers will question more than the reporter did and recognize that abortion facilities do not truly have women’s best interests at heart.