Planned Parenthood Celebrates 61 Million Abortions Under Roe, Wants Abortion Legal Up to Birth

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 22, 2019   |   5:20PM   |   Washington, DC

It’s been 46 years since the U.S. Supreme Court opened the doors to abortion on demand through Roe v. Wade. And in that time, about 61 million unborn babies have lost their lives to abortion.

Many died at the hands of the nation’s top abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

On Tuesday, the anniversary of the infamous ruling, Planned Parenthood celebrated legalized abortion and doubled down on its plans to abort even more unborn babies in the future.

“During the 2019 legislative session, Planned Parenthood expects more than half the states to push positive policies that expand access to health care including safe, legal abortion,” the abortion giant said in a statement Tuesday. “Furthermore, champions will join a broad push in all 50 states to protect access to reproductive health care — including fights in the courts, in the ballot boxes, and in state legislatures.”

Planned Parenthood remains the top abortion provider in America. It reported 332,757 abortions last year and a record revenue of $1.66 billion, making it increasingly clear that Planned Parenthood is, first and foremost, an abortion business.

CEO Leana Wen marked the anniversary of Roe by declaring abortion a “fundamental human right” and vowing to continue fighting for abortion on demand.

“Access to health care is a fundamental human right, and I can think of no better way to honor Roe v. Wade than fighting to make sure that all aspects of reproductive healthcare—including birth control, STI tests, cancer screenings, and safe, legal abortion—are accessible to women across the country,” she said.

Wen went even further in an op-ed for Rolling Stone, painting a fictional picture of a past when “women didn’t have the right or freedom to control their bodies, lives or future.” Then, she claimed, Roe came about in 1973 and magically made all those rights and freedoms appear. Women suddenly were able to control their lives, their futures and their bodies – by destroying their unborn babies’ lives, or so Wen implied.

“I pledge to fight with everything I have, working with our partners in elected office and beyond, to build a world where no one questions that abortion care is health care, reproductive health care is health care and health care is a fundamental human right,” Wen wrote.

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A doctor, she also said she believes it is her “moral imperative” to advocate for abortion. As a medical doctor, Wen must know that a unique human life begins at conception. It’s a basic scientific fact. She must know that an abortion kills a living human being. Yet, she believes abortion is “moral.”

Her employer implied that most Americans believe that, too, pointing to a poll showing strong support for Roe v. Wade.

But this simply is not true.

Research indicates many Americans don’t actually know what Roe did, and when asked more specific questions about abortion, a majority of Americans favor strong restrictions on the killing of the unborn.

A new national poll conducted by Marist University found an overwhelming majority of Americans support restrictions on abortion. Three in four Americans (75 percent) say abortion should be limited to – at most – the first three months of pregnancy. A 2018 Gallup poll similarly found strong opposition to abortion on demand, the goal of Planned Parenthood. Historically, more Americans also say abortion is morally wrong than morally acceptable.

It’s because eventually the truth does prevail. People can make philosophical arguments for abortion, but the science is clear: An abortion kills a living, unique human being. And for most Americans, that basic scientific fact is enough to convince them that the Supreme Court was wrong, and Roe v. Wade must be overturned.