New Mexico Legislature Will Protect Dogs From Abuse But Not Unborn Children From Abortion

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 17, 2019   |   11:14AM   |   Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Mexico state Rep. Joanne Ferrary has two major pieces of legislation in the works right now.

One would provide greater protections for animals from abuse. The other would strip away all protections for unborn babies and allow abortion on demand in her state.

The pro-abortion Democrat apparently does not see her hypocrisy in pushing both bills simultaneously this winter. But others do.

“Regardless, should her bills pass, or more likely, when her bills pass, in Ferrary’s New Mexico a chihuahua will be safer and have greater legal protection than a child in the womb. Surely, some others see the lunacy here?” Louis Biad wrote this week at the Las Cruces Sun News.

The New Mexico legislature now is in the control of pro-abortion Democrats, and pro-life advocates fear Ferrary’s bill, state House Bill 51, may pass.

The bill would repeal a state statute from the 1960s that prohibits abortions except in cases of rape, incest or threats to the mother’s life. The statute is not in effect because of Roe v. Wade, but if the Supreme Court overturns the case, it would go into effect again.

Ferrary’s bill would change that. Instead of being one of nine states that would make it a crime for an abortionist to kill an unborn baby, New Mexico would become a state that allows abortions without restriction, the Albuquerque Journal reports. Essentially, unborn babies could be aborted for any reason up to birth.

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Biad said pro-abortion Democrats plan to use their newfound power to push “an agenda of unbridled liberalism” on New Mexico.

“In her inaugural address, [pro-abortion Democrat] Gov. Lujan Grisham promised to go big. Really big. And they mean it,” he said.

One of her promises was to sign Ferrary’s legislation.

New Mexico is one of the few states where late-term abortions on viable, healthy unborn babies are legal and openly practiced. The late-term abortion facility Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque is facing a lawsuit for allegedly killing a young woman in a botched abortion when she was six months pregnant with her unborn child. The facility also has been linked to the aborted baby body parts scandal.

New Mexico also lacks many common sense abortion regulations that other states have in place, such as parental consent for minors, informed consent and limits on taxpayer-funded abortions.

Despite strong public opposition to unbridled abortion on demand, the governor said she will sign the bill if it reaches her desk, according to the New Mexico Political Report. State House Speaker Brian Egolf also said he would make the pro-abortion bill a priority, according to the report.

Democrats’ life-destroying agenda extends beyond the unborn, too. Biad noted that the Las Cruces, Santa Fe and Albuquerque City Councils all recently endorsed legislation to legalize assisted suicide in the state.

In 2017, 3,003 unborn babies were aborted in New Mexico, according to the state Department of Health.