Princeton Professor Says Calling Abortion a Human Right is “Evil”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 3, 2019   |   2:18PM   |   Washington, DC

A Princeton law professor recently criticized a United Nations document that calls the killing of innocent human beings a “human right.”

Professor Robert George said the pro-abortion, pro-assisted suicide stance of the United Nations Human Rights Committee is “evil,” The Christian Institute reports.

In late 2018, the committee included the two life-destroying practices in a new draft of its “General Comment” document. Though the document is not law, it can influence how countries and courts decide matters related to human rights, according to the report.

The document smacks of the doublespeak described in dystopian novels where political leaders say one thing and mean the opposite. The document begins with what appears to be a strongly pro-life stance, stating that the right to life of all human beings is a “supreme right from which no derogation is permitted.”

It calls the right to life a “fundamental right whose effective protection is the prerequisite for the enjoyment of all other human rights” and says it should not be “interpreted narrowly.”

A few paragraphs later, though, the document contradicts itself by advocating for the destruction of human life in abortions. It ignores that unborn babies biologically are living human beings — a fact backed up by modern science — and says countries should not restrict abortions.

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According to the report:

The document, issued at the end of October, included a call to remove all barriers to abortion including those “caused as a result of the exercise of conscientious objection by individual medical providers”. …

But Professor George said that the committee’s comments fail to acknowledge that every abortion has a victim.

“It’s clear in the case of abortion that abortion takes the life of an innocent child in the womb. There is a victim. There is a third party.”

“I have a right to do whatever I like, so long as it doesn’t harm others,” George continued, summarizing the UN position, according to Christian Today. “Then they suppose that acts such as abortion and euthanasia do not harm others.”

The UN document also calls for legalized assisted suicide, which discriminates against the vulnerable sick and elderly by advocating for their deaths rather than treatment and pain management.

“Even with euthanasia, we know that when a regime of medicalized killing is unleashed in society, it’s not simply the people who wish to be killed who end up being killed,” George responded.

The professor, one of the few pro-life voices in academia, urged people of all faiths to work together to oppose the life-destroying practices.

“I think it’s very important for people who see the truth of these matters and who understand how evil this move is toward recognizing abortion and euthanasia as human rights… it is incumbent upon all people of all traditions of faith to join together,” George said.