Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Like Their Employees or Their Customers Being Pregnant

Opinion   |   Tom McClusky   |   Jan 3, 2019   |   7:35PM   |   Washington, DC

Recently, The New York Times reported that Planned Parenthood, a self-described “women’s organization,” discriminated against its pregnant employees. After interviewing more than a dozen current and former employees, the report concluded that Planned Parenthood mistreated and even fired employees after finding out they were expecting a baby.

Ironically, the nation’s largest abortion provider seems to dislike their employees being pregnant almost as much as their customers being pregnant — abortion is so much a part of their business that their own annual report shows fewer than 4 percent of unborn children who enter their facilities emerge alive.

One has to wonder in this age of #MeToo if the close to $50 million that Planned Parenthood spent to elect candidates in the 2018 election cycle should be returned. When it was discovered that other high-level political donors to Democrats, including Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and former Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), were mistreating women, as Planned Parenthood has done, many politicians were pressured into returning or redirecting the political funds.

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The list of those who benefited from Planned Parenthood reads like a who’s who of the incoming Congress, and includes both the soon-to-be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), as well as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). According to the most recent Federal Election Committee reports, Planned Parenthood’s various political action committees (PACs) donated almost exclusively to help the Democratic Party.

From its very origins, the abortion giant’s founder was influenced by the eugenics movement. More recently, Planned Parenthood has been involved in scandals including Medicaid fraud and misrepresenting their services (they do not do mammograms) — and they are under federal investigation for trafficking in human baby body parts.

Considering the close ties between the abortion industry leader and Democratic leadership, it would be foolish to expect a Speaker Pelosi to return the millions of dollars that Planned Parenthood spent to guarantee her a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. Even before she retook the Speakership, Pelosi’s political action committee, House Majority PAC, gave at least $450,000 to Planned Parenthood Votes.

And despite 10 years of Marist polling showing a majority of Americans (60 percent in 2018) do not want their tax dollars funding abortion, we might expect from Speaker Pelosi’s caucus attempts to increase taxpayer funding of the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood’s own 2016 annual report shows total revenue was $1.354 billion — of which $554.6 million came from government funding.

Unless Speaker Pelosi can successfully disentangle her party from the abortion giant, the Democrats cannot claim to be “the party of women.” Indeed, Democratic leadership support for Planned Parenthood itself reveals a willingness to discard the rights of pregnant women and their children — all in a quest for power.

The Democratic Party must return Planned Parenthood’s political largesse and turn off the taxpayer spigot. Otherwise, they will no longer be the party of #MeToo but the party of #MeFirst.

LifeNews Note: Tom McClusky is the president of March for Life Action.