Abortionist Who Kills Babies in All 9 Months of Pregnancy Injures Woman in Botched Abortion

National   |   Cheryl Sullenger   |   Dec 27, 2018   |   5:27PM   |   Bellevue, Nebraska

Just days before Christmas, an ambulance was dispatched to LeRoy Carhart’s Bellevue abortion facility for a woman who was suffering a “possibly dangerous” vaginal hemorrhage after an abortion.

Operation Rescue was tipped by a local pro-life activist to the medical emergency and immediately obtained the emergency radio dispatch recording that indicated a 24-year old woman was awake, alert, and breathing, but suffering from serious hemorrhaging after an abortion that took place on December 21, 2018.

This is the second known medical emergency this year at Carhart’s Bellevue Health Center abortion facility, which also operates under the name Abortion and Contraceptive Clinic of Nebraska (AACCON). It is affiliated with another Carhart-owned abortion facility in Bethesda, Maryland, where he conducts abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

On May 4, 2018, another of his abortion patients hemorrhaged half her blood supply, according to 911 records obtained by Operation Rescue, and was hospitalized at least eight days. It is rumored that this patient did not survive her abortion injuries, but Operation Rescue has been unable to independently confirm that information.

“Carhart has long been a danger to the public. We have documented dozens of serious abortion injuries inflicted by Carhart since the early 2000’s. One woman after another has been butchered by Carhart and at least two of them – probably more – have ended up on a slab in the morgue. Yet, medical boards continue to give him a pass,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Don’t tell me abortion is safe. It can never be safe, especially with quacks like Carhart running late-term abortion mills that have a steady stream of ambulances running to them day and night. The authorities must ignore political pressures that protect his shoddy business and instead do their duty to protect the public. Shut him down now!”

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Below are other medical emergencies involving LeRoy Carhart that have occurred since 2012 that provide evidence that his abortions are in fact dangerous.

May 4, 2018, Bellevue, NE: A 21-year old woman was transported by ambulance from to hospital after hemorrhaging half her blood volume due to a botched abortion. (Video, 911 recording)
November 20, 2017, Bethesda, MD: A woman was rushed to the hospital from Carhart’s newly opened AbortionClinics.org abortion facility using an ambulance belonging to the National Institute of Health. (Photo, eye witness)
February 7, 2017, Germantown, MD: Abortion patient transported to a local hospital for “problems” that were completely redacted from 911 records. (Video, 911 records on file with OR)
December 29-30, 2016, Germantown, MD: Two of Carhart’s abortion patients returned to the abortion facility in the middle of the night to be treated for complications. One women was seen waddling into the facility holding what appeared to be a shower liner between her legs. Neither woman was transported to the hospital by ambulance. (Photos)
April 4, 2016, Germantown, MD: Hemorrhaging late-term abortion patient transported to emergency room. All other patients sent home. (Video, 911 recording, Scanner audio)
March 30, 2016, Germantown, MD: Private ambulance called for late-term abortion patient. (Video, 911 recording, Scanner audio)
March 20, 2016, Germantown, MD: Underaged woman transported to Shady Grove Hospital suffering “heart problems.” (Video, 911 recording, Scanner audio)
February 4, 2016, Bellevue, NE: Woman transported to hospital suffering from an incomplete abortion. (Video)
January 19, 2016, Germantown, MD: Late-term abortion patient bleeding seriously transported to hospital. (Video and 911 recording)
December 15, 2015, Germantown, MD: Abortion patient transported to emergency room while Carhart accompanies.
July 2, 2014, Germantown, MD: African-American abortion patient transported to hospital.
April 26, 2014, Bellevue, NE: Patient, 37, suffered from abdominal pain after Carhart had an “issue with the procedure.” (Video with 911 recording)
March 4, 2014, Germantown, MD: Patient hemorrhaged after 2nd trimester abortion complications.
November 30, 2013, Bellevue, NE: Patient suffered 2nd trimester abortion complications.
November 26, 2013, Germantown, MD: Patient required emergency surgery. (Video with 911 recording)
July 9, 2013, Germantown, MD: Patient hemorrhaged. (Video with 911 recording)
February 7, 2013, Germantown, MD: Patient Jennifer Morbelli died of 3rd trimester abortion complications. (Autopsy Report)
March 31, 2012, Bellevue, NE: Patient heard moaning and screaming during 911 call (Video with 911 recording.)

LifeNews.com Note: Cheryl Sullenger is a leader of Operation Rescue.