Woman Says: I Aborted My 6th Baby at Age 35 to Focus on My Career and I Don’t Regret It

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 17, 2018   |   11:05AM   |   London, England

Sarah Holdway destroyed her baby’s life for her career. She lost a friend over it, and her five older children lost a sibling.

But the British mother said she has no regrets about her abortion.

“It wasn’t an easy choice, but I don’t regret it,” Holdway told The Sun. “The truth is I wanted to pick up my career again and I know it was the right decision for my family.”

The mother of five living children, Holdway is one of a growing number of older women in the UK who are having abortions. While abortion rates among teens and young adults are dropping, the rate of abortions among women ages 30 and up has been increasing in the past decade, according to new statistics from the UK Department for Health and Social Care.

Holdway, 35, of Hull, East Yorks, said she and her husband wanted a large family, but when she became pregnant with their sixth child, she was not sure if she wanted to be a mother again.

“I found out I was pregnant again with number six in spring last year, and it was totally unplanned,” she recalled. “At first I thought, that’s great. What’s one more in the mix? But then reality kicked in.”

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Holdway said she began to think about how her youngest child was about to start preschool and how she soon could return to her job as a birth coach. She told the news outlet that she also thought about their plans to save up for a larger home.

“By the time this new baby was old enough, it would have been five years since I last had a job. So I knew it could mean never going back to work,” she said. “I was five weeks pregnant when I phoned the Marie Stopes clinic.”

Aborting her unborn baby cost her £50 ($63), according to the report.

Holdway said some of her friends advised her against the abortion, but she went through with it anyway.

“People did lecture me and asked if I was sure I was doing the right thing. I lost a friend over my decision,” she said. “To some, it’s seen as acceptable if you are in your teens, but in your mid-30s people don’t understand.”

Later, she added: “I love having my career back and being able to contribute to the household income. That makes me feel good.”

No matter how it made her feel, Holdway’s choice destroyed her unborn child – a living human being who already had his/her own unique DNA and a heartbeat. The value of a child’s life should not be based on his or her parents’ feelings about them, but that truth has been lost in a culture that legalizes abortion on demand.