Planned Parenthood Video Tells Parents How to Tell Kids Where Babies Come From

National   |   Nick Kangadis   |   Dec 17, 2018   |   12:00PM   |   Washington, DC

There are some thing that you see that make perfect sense. Then, there are things that you see that make you shake your head in disbelief. This next “thing” is of the latter variety.

The number one provider of abortions in the United States, Planned Parenthood (PP), actually came out with a video instructing parents how to tell their children where babies come from. Someone at PP thought this was a good idea and not ironic in the least.

They were wrong.

The video itself gives halfway decent advice on how to go about telling your kids where babies come from. Some of it might be a little much for someone like myself who happens to be a little “old school,” but it’s not until the last couple of paragraphs that PP inserts its “woke” narrative.

Here’s part of what was said in the video:

There are many ways to make a family, and kids this age can absolutely understand reproduction in a way that includes LGBTQ parents, as well as families who came together through adoption, surrogacy, or reproductive assistance. You can say things like, “some families have a mommy and a daddy, some have two mommies, and some have two daddies.”  Or “sometimes eggs and sperm need a little help from other people to get together and make a baby.”

It’s also good for kids to understand that some people have babies and some don’t. It’s a big responsibility and a personal choice, and what’s right for one person isn’t always right for another. Kids can also understand that there are ways to prevent pregnancy. You can say something like, “There are things people can use that stop sperm from getting to an egg, if they don’t want to have a baby.”

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Sorry, but that’s a little much for a little kid. Kids typically ask where babies come from at a young age, so giving them every single combination of what kind of parents a child might have could be confusing to a child — and that’s how the far-left, like those at PP, want it.

Notice how the video used the words “personal choice.” PP consistently attempts to enter that equation into the answer for everything. While I am all for people making their own decisions, I have a slight problem with that assertion when it comes to killing the same babies PP is trying to teach how to talk to your kids about.

As said earlier, the biggest problem I have with PP coming out with a video like this is who they really are. They came out with this video as if no one knows that their primary concern is preserving their abortion business. And let’s not get it twisted, it’s a business.

Apparently, people thought PP giving parents advice on how to talk to their children was as ridiculous as I do, because the YouTube video — which was released a little over a month ago — has less than 5,000 views. The video has received 30 thumbs up votes and 35 thumbs down votes.

Without further ado, here’s PP giving everyone advice on how to talk to the children they decided to keep:

Nice try, Planned Parenthood. We know who you really are.

LifeNews: Nick Kangadis writes for MRCTV, where this originally appeared.