Online Pharmacy Runs Half-Price Christmas Special on Morning After Pills That Can Abort Babies

International   |   SPUC   |   Dec 13, 2018   |   2:34PM   |   Washington, DC

Online pharmacist Chemist 4 U has halved the price of the potentially abortifacient morning-after pill (MAP) in the run up to Christmas.

Stock up, says BPAS

The company is offering the “emergency contraceptive” levonorgestrel, a generic version of the pill given out by the NHS, for £4.99. Abortion provider BPAS said: ‘We advise women to keep emergency contraception in their bathroom cupboard just in case, and make the most of this opportunity to obtain an affordable back-up in the event their usual method lets them down.”

BPAS also took the opportunity to re-open their campaign to reduce the price of “emergency contraception” (EC), saying it was “obscene” for other retailers to charge high prices if the drug could be profitable at £5. Last year, BPAS called for a boycott of Boots, after they did not immediately follow Tesco and Superdrug in slashing the price of the morning-after pill under pressure from BPAS and pro-abortion Labour MPs.

What’s wrong with the MAP?

The drug used in the MAP, Levonorgestrel, is a progestin, and it is not known exactly how it works. It is frequently asserted that it is purely contraceptive (ie, prevents an egg being fertilised) and not abortifacient (causing the death of an embryo). However, medical information on the drug says that it may alter the lining of the uterus to prevent implantation should fertilization occur. Information on Chemist 4 U’s website says the drug may stop “a fertilised egg from attaching itself to your womb lining.”

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Dr Anthony McCarthy explains that “abortion promoters, and indeed the Government (as illustrated in this parliamentary answer) take the view that ‘pregnancy’ does not begin until implantation, whereas even a pregnancy guide written by the strongly pro-abortion head of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Professor Lesley Regan, says that pregnancy begins at fertilisation. Given that it is recognised in medical literature that preventing implantation is a possible mechanism of EC, these pills could indeed be abortifacient. It’s important to remember that a just conceived zygote is still a human life, and any mechanism that kills that developing new life by stopping it implanting in the womb indeed causes an abortion.”

He went on: “We also know that with MAP use abortion rates do not go down overall but STIs increase due to more sexual risk-taking. It is particularly disturbing that women are being advised to ‘stock up’ on these drugs over Christmas, without being made aware of the risks to them and possible risks to their embryos.”

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