Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Gives $8 Million to World’s Biggest Abortion Business

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 6, 2018   |   7:23PM   |   Washington, DC

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration just promised a huge chunk of taxpayer funding to help the world’s largest abortion business expand its work.

Canadian Catholic News reports Marie Stopes International will receive an additional $8 million from Canada for “reproductive health care” projects in Africa and other parts of the world. The news comes as two African nations investigate Marie Stopes for allegations of illegal abortions.

Taxpayers in Canada have given the British-based abortion chain $24.3 million since 2017, after the Trudeau administration pledged to help plug a funding gap left by President Donald Trump’s Mexico City policy. The pro-life policy prohibits American tax dollars to groups that promote or provide abortions overseas. The move defunded Marie Stopes and the International Planned Parenthood Federation of hundreds of millions of American tax dollars.

Canada has given millions of dollars to the abortion chain in the past, too.

Here’s more from the report:

International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced the $8-million grant on Nov. 13 as part of a $104.4-million overall commitment made while attending the International Conference on Family Planning in Kigali, Rwanda. The money is part of $650 million Canada committed worldwide in March 2017 to fund reproductive health, including abortion.

Canada has given the British-based MSI a total of $24.3 million since 2017. The $8-million grant, which is not allocated for any specific country, is in addition to previous grants of $4 million for Sub-Saharan Africa and $12.3 million for projects in Tanzania.

Matthew Wojciechowski, of Campaign Life Coalition in Canada, said the grants will be used to push abortion on pro-life countries in what he called a form of “ideological colonization.”

He told the Catholic news outlet that Canadian tax dollars will be spent to “undermine” developing countries’ sovereignty and the “rights and deeply held values of families that have been living there, their culture and traditions.”

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African pro-life leader Obianuju Ekeocha, of Culture of Life Africa, agreed, saying Africans want food, clean water and education — not abortion.

“… Western nations continue to ignore the voices of the majority of the African people who do not want and are not are asking for abortion, any kind of abortion care, as well as contraception,” she said.

Marie Stopes has been accused of doing hundreds of illegal, unsafe abortions in Africa. Late last year, parents and community leaders in Kitui, Kenya were outraged after learning that its workers allegedly came into their children’s school and implanted long-lasting contraceptive devices into girls as young as 14 without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

In September, Kenyan authorities ordered the abortion chain to stop illegally advertising abortions in its country, which protects unborn babies’ lives. Then, in November, Niger ordered two Marie Stopes facilities to close for allegedly performing illegal abortions.

In England, where it is based, a British Care Quality Commission found the abortion chain botched nearly 400 abortions in a two-month period in 2017. It also found evidence that Marie Stopes was pressuring women to have abortions by incentivizing staff with bonuses.

In 2016, British health inspectors found such horrible conditions inside Marie Stopes facilities in England that the government temporarily shut down some of the abortion chain’s operations.

Despite all these problems, Marie Stopes reported a record £296 million (about $382 million) income in 2017, according to Third Sector. Its financial statement can be found here.