Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats Will Try to Make Americans Fund Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 5, 2018   |   5:47PM   |   Washington, DC

Democrats are signaling plans to push abortion on demand when they take over the U.S. House in January.

Pro-abortion Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who is expected to be the next speaker of the House, told RollCall this week that “women’s reproductive health” – including abortion – will be a priority next session.

Henry Connelly, a spokesman for Pelosi, said she aims to take back the fight for women’s so-called right to abortion.

“Women’s right to comprehensive health care and affordable family planning is still under assault from the GOP Senate, the White House and the states,” Connelly told the news outlet. “The new House Democratic Majority will fight back against these attacks, and work to reverse the damage inflicted by years of GOP attacks on women’s right to choose and access to affordable contraception.”

Among their goals is to reverse the Mexico City policy, a pro-life measure that President Donald Trump re-instituted to prohibit taxpayer funding to international groups that promote or provide abortions, according to the report. The policy stopped millions of tax dollars from going to the International Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International, which are among largest abortion chains in the world.

Expanding abortion is Democrat leaders’ goal, but the public may not hear the word “abortion” from them much in 2019. Earlier this month, the New York Times published a lengthy piece about the midterm election and an interesting strategy that helped Democrats win back the House: Don’t talk about abortion.

Pelosi reportedly urged Democrats to talk about “health care” instead of abortion – though abortion activists now lump the two together, as if killing unborn babies is just another medical procedure.

It isn’t hard to understand why they took this strategy. Abortion is a highly contentious issue, even among Democrats, and “health care” sounds much better than advocating for the killing of unborn babies for any reason up to birth, which is what the Democratic Party platform supports.

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Pelosi reportedly told Democrats trying to win election that funding the abortion giant Planned Parenthood and supporting abortion are “in our DNA, but they are not in our talking points.”

Democrats also could attack religious freedom related to abortion and other issues. Earlier this month, the Washington Examiner reported how Democrats headed to power are quietly discussing a bill to cripple a law that protects employers from being forced to pay for contraception that may cause abortions.

Democrat leaders may not talk as openly about their plans to push abortion on demand, but they will continue to push for it. Fortunately, their efforts will likely be stopped by the Republican-controlled Senate and President Donald Trump.