7-Week-Old Aborted Baby Buried After Police Found Baby’s Body in Abortionist’s Trunk

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 30, 2018   |   6:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-life advocates gathered Saturday in Michigan for a funeral to remember a seven-week aborted baby whose body was found in the trunk of an abortionist’s car.

“When we placed his or her body in the earth it was the only work of mercy this aborted human will ever know,” said Monica Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, which organized the funeral. “And when we stand at the grave we commit ourselves to fight for a culture of life and an end to abortion.”

She told Livingston Daily that about 150 people attended the funeral Mass at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Livingston County and the burial afterward.

They named the baby Michael Gabrielle, and plan to install a gravestone for him with the Bible verse, “He will wipe every tear from their eyes,” written on it.

“This tiny person is just one of 60 million who have been put to death with the sanction of the unjust law of Roe v. Wade,” Miller said. “Indeed this little child stands for all those who are victims of violence in our land. He or she has no family and so we have become the family for this unknown person.”

Three years ago, the baby’s body was one of 15 found in abortionist Michael Roth’s vehicle after a traffic accident.

Later, local pro-life advocates asked authorities for the aborted babies’ bodies so that they could give them a proper funeral and burial. After two years, they fulfilled their goal to honor the children. Earlier in November, pro-lifers buried the 14 other babies at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield, Michigan, according to the report.

Roth faced trial in 2017 for criminal charges related to the accident, in which he allegedly struck and critically injured a special needs child with his vehicle. When police impounded his vehicle, they discovered aborted baby remains along with abortion equipment and illegal drugs that he allegedly had stolen from his employer, Angel A. Ojeda, an abortionist who operates Eastland Women’s Clinic in Eastpointe.

Roth reportedly used the drugs and abortion equipment for the purpose of committing illegal home abortions – something he was fined $15,000 for in 2004, and ordered not to do again. However, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society said Roth was not charged with performing illegal abortions after the 2015 discovery.

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“Since Roth was a licensed physician the Assistant Attorney General handling the case lacked confidence that they would achieve a conviction regarding Roth’s apparently doing abortions outside of a clinic setting,” the group noted.

Last year, Roth was convicted on three counts of larceny in a building for the illegal possession of narcotics and was sentenced by 48th District Court Judge Marc Barron. Roth had to pay a $798 fine and serve 18 months probation. The State of Michigan Medical Board also suspended his license.

Roth told authorities that the aborted baby remains found in his trunk were being transported to Ojeda’s abortion business for disposal. Given Roth’s previous history of performing abortions in women’s homes in 1998 and 1999, it is likely he was committing illegal at-home abortions.

Police raided Roth’s home in October 2015, and impounded evidence that allowed State Attorney General Bill Schuette to criminally charge Roth in June 2016, on ten counts, including:

• 6 counts of identity theft.
• 3 counts larceny.
• 1 count illegal possession of drugs.

Lynn Mills, a citizen journalist who attended Roth’s sentencing hearings, said she was frustrated that no media outlets sent reporters to cover the story.

Mills said: “In court this man looked oblivious. There were no real consequences, and he will not stop doing it. Where have the reporters been? I guess this story hasn’t been sensational enough.”

Right to Life of Michigan released a report in 2012, “Abortion Abuses and State Regulatory Agency Failure,” that included details about Roth’s violations. In addition to his at-home abortions, Roth was disciplined in 2002 for drug-related violations, including prescribing drugs without a license. He was disciplined in 2004 for violating patient consent laws and was accused of falsifying medical records by a former employee and performing illegal late-term abortions.

In 2012, Roth received six months of probation and was ordered to pay a $15,000 fine for public health code violations involving botched abortions. Roth’s most recent abortion business, the bizarrely-named Novi Laser and Aesthetic Center, closed in 2014.