This Doctor Feels “Called” to Do Abortions. Killing Babies is “Something I Needed to Do”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 28, 2018   |   7:03PM   |   Washington, DC

Few who walk out of an abortion clinic’s doors would describe their experience as inspiring. But that is how Dr. Kimberly Remski felt after her first visit to an abortion facility.

The Chicago abortionist told NPR that she feels called to do abortions as part of her medical career.

“A lot of the things we [doctors] spend our time doing in training are monotonous, or you’re getting swamped in work,” she said. “I just remember leaving the [abortion] clinic feeling like I was doing something really important.”

Remski, who graduated from medical school in 2017, works as a primary care doctor and as a part-time abortionist at three different abortion facilities. The report did not mention which ones, but lists several abortion facilities in Michigan where she does or has worked recently.

The report focused on Remski and other abortionists who sometimes struggle to find medical jobs because of their abortion work. Some religious medical groups will not hire doctors who do abortions because they believe unborn babies deserve a right to life and their staff should not work against that mission.

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Remski said she almost was hired for a job with IHA, a large physician network in Michigan, but the job fell through when IHA learned that she planned to work part-time as an abortionist, too. The network is owned by Trinity Health, a Catholic hospitals group.

“I was very upfront. I told them that [abortion] was a special interest of mine. I wanted to be able to pursue it,” she said.

Here’s more:

Ultimately, Remski says, she parted amicably from IHA, since “it felt like the wrong place for me.”

She ended up finding a job at an urgent-care clinic in Michigan, which allowed her to work part time at three separate clinics that provide abortions. She has since moved to Chicago, where she also splits her time between providing abortions and primary care.

“I was providing a service that was needed and necessary,” Remski says. “I realized it was something I really needed to do.”

The report portrayed Remski’s work as some sort of social service and her job issues as possible discrimination, but the true nature of her work is killing unborn babies. Abortionists sometimes claim to be moved to compassion for struggling women, but they reserve no compassion for unborn babies, who equally deserve protections and care.

Abortions can be lucrative as well. Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America, reported a record income of $1.46 billion last year. A number of abortionists over the years have been documented saying they make a lot of money aborting unborn babies.

True medical care means treating every human patient with respect and value; abortion perverts the medical profession because it encourages doctors to treat some of their patients as less valuable than others.