Abortionist Defends Killing Babies: “A Fetus Needs Permission to Reside in a Uterus”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 28, 2018   |   10:56AM   |   Washington, DC

Utah abortionist Leah Torres has made a name for herself for making bold and outrageous statements about abortion online.

On Tuesday, she came up with another: It’s ok to abort an unborn baby if they do not have permission to live in their mother’s uterus.

Torres, who is active on Twitter, made the claim in response to a pro-life advocate’s defense of the unborn:

Her claim quickly was met with the criticism and ridicule that it deserved. An unborn baby cannot ask his or her mother’s permission to live in her womb. It’s impossible. What’s more, the unborn baby has no say in his or her life coming into existence. Except under rare circumstances, the baby’s life came into being as a direct result of its mother’s and father’s actions. Pregnancy is a risk of sexual intercourse, even when birth control is involved.

But Torres claimed consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy. She doubled down on her argument, tweeting:

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Later, in a back-and-forth with Weekly Standard contributor Jeryl Bier, Torres’s argument suggested that she even may support the killing of newborn babies. She argued that unborn babies do not have rights until the umbilical cord is cut – which happens after birth.

Earlier this year, Torres also said she cuts unborn baby’s cords so they can’t scream. She later deleted the post.