Actress Amy Brenneman Launches Nationwide Tour for Women to Celebrate Their Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 26, 2018   |   5:55PM   |   Washington, DC

Actress Amy Brenneman is promoting a nation-wide tour to encourage women to celebrate their abortions.

Earlier this month, Brenneman (“Judging Amy,” “NYPD Blue”) and several other pro-abortion celebrities kicked off the “Shout Your Abortion” book tour with a Hollywood party. Another stop included free emergency contraception as a kind of party favor.

Townhall reports the tour encourages women to feel “empowered” to celebrate aborting their unborn babies. Some participants even disturbingly claim that their abortions were “the best decision” they ever made.

Promoting the tour on Twitter, the Shout Your Abortion campaign shared several women’s abortion stories:

Brenneman responded to some of the conservative backlash by claiming that these women’s abortion stories give her hope.

“When women support each other, no matter the difference of their experience, that IS the hope for humanity …” she tweeted.

But the Shout Your Abortion campaign refuses to acknowledge the ugliness of abortion – the killing of unborn babies and the profound pain and regret that many post-abortive women experience. Women who regret their abortions and those who were forced into them by abusers or parents are not given a voice by abortion activists. Their experiences are ignored and sometimes even silenced.

One woman responded to Brenneman by sharing her painful abortion story on Twitter:

These heartbreaking, horrible stories are the ones that deserve to be heard, the true stories of how abortion destroys lives — sometimes mothers’ and always unborn babies’.