Chinese Mom Slams New Planned Parenthood President for Ignoring Forced Abortions in China

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 19, 2018   |   6:03PM   |   Washington, DC

Like Planned Parenthood’s new president, Leana Wen (pictured), Lisa Smiley immigrated with her parents from China when she was a young child.

But unlike the leader of America’s largest abortion chain, Smiley believes every human being’s life is valuable.

In a column for The Stream, Smiley described the oppressive regime from which both she and Wen came.

“China had a one-child policy,” she wrote. “Often, women caught pregnant after more than one child, were dragged out of their homes, beaten, and forced to abort their babies.”

One of five daughters, Smiley said her mother risked everything to spare her and her sisters from death. She said the realization that she could have been aborted is one of the things that motivates her to speak out for unborn babies.

“As a girl who could have easily been counted among the millions aborted in China, I know personally what is at stake,” Smiley said.

That Wen does not realize that reality is “tragic,” Smiley said.

“It is ironic and tragic that having left a country that forces women to abort their children, Dr. Wen now fights for women in America to do the exact same thing to their children — without restriction, at taxpayers’ expense,” she wrote.

“She uses her position as a physician to fight for abortion rights, even touting a ridiculous claim that healthcare (that is, abortion) is a ‘fundamental human right,’” she continued.

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Smiley has another reason for advocating for unborn babies, as well. Her son.

She wrote:

“When I became a mother with my first child, at 20 weeks pregnant, I was told that my son had only half a heart, among other possible defects.

“The doctors told me to abort him. But I had just seen my son’s ultrasound and heard his heartbeat. We already had his name picked out — Ezekiel, or Zeke for short.

“As his mother, it was my job to protect him, not kill him. So I refused.”

Zeke lived for seven years before he died in 2015, and his mother said his life was no less valuable because it was short.

Wen has claimed abortion should be a “human right” for every woman, but Smiley said the Planned Parenthood CEO is forgetting about the rights of women like herself and men like her son who could have been aborted.

She urged Wen to wake up and see the truth about Planned Parenthood. The abortion giant is a destroyer of human rights, not a giver. Every year, it aborts about 320,000 unborn babies, more than any other group in America.

“How about recognizing the most fundamental of all human rights? The right to life that is denied to babies in the womb 900 times every day at Planned Parenthood?” Smiley asked. “We pro-lifers all know what’s at stake. Lives. Literally.”