This Catholic University is Targeting Pro-Life Students for Their Beliefs

State   |   Amanda Lord   |   Nov 15, 2018   |   5:22PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-life students at Loyola University-Chicago, a Catholic university, have been targeted for their pro-life beliefs by other students, or possibly faculty/staff.

The pro-life students at Loyola University-Chicago had made posters for their, “Why I am #ProLife” campaign. This is a campaign where pro-life students explain what motivates them to be pro-life or shares a story that changed their minds on abortion.

On the night of November 10th, David Inczauskis, a Jesuit at the university, posted on Facebook terrible news; “Our “Why I Am #ProLife Panel” fliers have been torn apart all around campus at #Loyola. I invite our opponents to dialogue with us instead of destroying our materials. #Chicago #ProLifeGen.”

This should not be going on at a Catholic university, where respect for the dignity of human life should be of the utmost importance. David Cordaro, Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator for Students for Life of America condemned the attack, saying, “The students, staff, and faculty at a Catholic university should be committed to protecting freedom of speech and be open to hearing people’s stories about what motivates them to protect all human dignity. This is a disgusting attacking on pro-life students’ free-speech rights.”

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Siena Heights University

A pro-life group at Siena Heights University, also a Catholic school, in Michigan were told by their administrators several weeks ago that they had to wash off their pro-life chalked messages. The student leaders noted in a letter to the administration that, “Our chalking messages were respectful. They attempted to lovingly break through apathy and engage campus in an important dialogue that touches many of our lives. We believe we have the right to share our message, despite there being students on campus who disagree. The students at our school are stronger leaders who are capable of facing differing beliefs. Our message ought not be silenced simply because it is found controversial to some.”

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University of Minnesota-Duluth

These are unfortunately not the only attacks on free-speech in the past several weeks. Bulldogs for Life, the Students for Life group at University of Minnesota-Duluth found their posters for an upcoming event destroyed as well. They were advertising their second annual display of abortion photos and the posters were stolen. But, they are going ahead with their event on Tuesday, November 13th.

The group posted on Facebook on November 11th that they would not be intimidated!

“It looks like nothing has changed. All of the posters for our group’s event were torn down on campus this weekend. Again.Our group continues to be targeted on campus at the University of Minnesota, Duluth this year, continuing the harassment we have faced for over a year since we have started, which has cost our student organization hundreds of dollars worth in damages.These photos show one of our posters that was ripped down, torn in half, and thrown in the trash. It’s unfortunate that there is a small minority of pro-abortion extremists who shut down dialogue by harassing student groups they disagree with on our campus.”

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Students for Life of America will not let any pro-life student be intimidated by pro-choice vandals.