Abortion Activists Call White Governor Racist Because He’s Upset Black Babies Are Aborted

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 15, 2018   |   1:42PM   |   Jackson, MS

Abortion activists are criticizing Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant for being white and caring about unborn black babies who are aborted.

On Monday, Bryant held a press conference with National Right to Life President Carol Tobias and U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith where he mourned the loss of so many unborn babies to abortion in the black community.

The pro-life governor asked why there is no outrage in the media about “the genocide of 20 million African American children” by the abortion industry, the Jackson Free Press reported earlier this week.

“See, in my heart, I am confused about where the outrage is at about 20 million African American children that have been aborted. No one wants to say anything about that. No one wants to talk about that,” Bryant said.

Abortion activists quickly responded by calling Bryant a misogynist and racist.

“Pay attention to how whiteness works for women,” abortion activist Renee Bracey Sherman wrote on Twitter. “When Cindy Hyde-Smith needs to be bailed out for her racism, Governor Bryant saves her by denigrating Black women, claiming that our need for an abortion is somehow worse than her cavalier racism.”

Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund Executive Director Laurie Bertram Roberts called Bryant’s heart for unborn babies “disgusting and vile.”

“And I absolutely think it’s racist,” Bertram Roberts said. “No one from the anti-choice movement, almost never, frames white women — who have the most abortions in the country — as having committed genocide. It’s a specific charge that they only lodge at Black women. It’s a specific type of shaming and stigmatizing.”

White women do have the most abortions in the U.S., but statistics indicate black women have a much higher rate of abortions for their population. According to census data, African Americans make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population but have about 30 percent of the abortions. The problem is disturbingly evident in New York City, where state data shows more black babies are aborted than are born.

ThinkProgress, a left-wing pro-abortion news site, also slammed Bryant as a “misogynoir,” a misogynist specifically targeting Black women.

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According to its take on the situation:

Bryant, who aspires to end abortions in Mississippi, repeated a common myth within the anti-choice movement. (So common, there’s even a documentary about it.) The idea is abortion poses a distinct threat to Black lives. This myth is not only regurgitated by white people, but many Black religious leaders, including Rev. Clenard Childress Jr. …

Perhaps the best word to describe Bryant’s behavior is “misogynoir,” or misogyny targeting Black women. The term was coined by queer Black feminist scholar Moya Bailey, who needed to articulate the realities of racialized sexism and sexist racism. Shyrissa Dobbins-Harris argues for the National Black Law Journal that the abortion-is-Black-genocide myth heavily depends on misogynoir as opposed to the legal definition of genocide (as outlined by the United Nations) or abortion (as decided by Roe v. Wade). …

“The underlying assumption of this myth is that Black women lack the critical thinking skills to avoid falling into the pitfall of ‘murdering their babies,’” Dobbins-Harris wrote.

What abortion activists do not understand is that abortions involve more than just the woman. Thousands of unborn babies are intentionally killed in abortions every day in America, and many of them are black.

Nor do they understand that the black genocide that pro-life advocates refer to is not an attack on women but on the abortion industry, which appears to target minorities for abortions. One analysis found that Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America, has placed 79 percent of its abortion facilities within walking distance of minority neighborhoods. Many also point to racist remarks by its founder, Margaret Sanger, as further information.

It is the abortion industry that is at fault for the genocide of 20 million black babies and for the dehumanization of all babies in the womb.