Talk Show Hosts Asks Women if They Celebrate or Regret Their Abortions. The Answers Were Heartbreaking

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 14, 2018   |   4:16PM   |   Washington, DC

Radio talk show host Michael Brown listened in shock this week as callers flooded his phone lines with stories about their heartbreak after aborting their unborn babies.

On Tuesday, Brown invited Justin Reeder of to speak on his program “The Line of Fire,” Townhall reports. Reeder runs a pro-life organization dedicated to helping unborn babies and their families.

“During the second half of the show, I had planned to share some of the most effective pro-life arguments …” Brown said. “But before I did this, I opened the phone lines to anyone who had an abortion in the past (or participated in someone else’s abortion).”

As the phone lines began to light up, Brown said he abandoned his initial plan. He said every line was busy within a few minutes.

Brown said many of the callers cried as they shared about their terrible decisions and their unborn babies’ lives, and he did, too. Their stories countered the popular mainstream media narrative that women are proud and thankful for their abortions.

“They did not shout their abortions. They wept their abortions,” Brown said.

He wrote more about the show:

First, there was the woman calling from Arizona, sharing with pain how she got an abortion 40 years ago. In her own life, it led to her drinking heavily to numb her feelings, and now, more than four decades later, she was still hurting.

Then, things got intense. A woman called from Salt Lake City, Utah. She instantly broke down as she spoke about her abortion of 30 years ago. She had been married with two children (married, she said, to a “self-righteous” man), and she was raped while on a business trip.

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Fearing what her husband would say, she decided to abort her baby, a decision that has haunted her ever since. She believes it contributed to her 30-year addiction to alcohol, one that only ended last Thanksgiving, one year ago. Thankfully, she is now getting established in the Christian faith and finding a place of forgiveness from her guilt.

Next, there was the one male caller, a man from Virginia. He spoke of his shame over paying for an abortion years ago, saying that he suppressed it and put it out of his mind, thinking somehow that even God would overlook it.

Then, after many years, he attended a church service where a woman prayed over him and then, speaking by the Spirit, said she saw that he had been involved in an abortion but that God had forgiven him.

Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and popular women’s magazines have promoted the “Shout Your Abortion” propaganda campaign but given no voice to the hurting parents who realized they made the wrong decision about their unborn babies’ lives. Their stories do not fit the pro-abortion narrative of the liberal media.

But these brave, heartbroken women and men exist in numbers beyond what anyone knows. Thousands have shared their stories through the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. Some publicly tell their stories during the March for Life, others in their local communities.

But still other women and men remain alone, silent and heartbroken, hearing celebrities brag about abortions and thinking they may be the only ones who regret destroying their child’s life. For those people, help is available. Rachel’s Vineyard and other post-abortion healing programs provide counseling and other support throughout the country. Many pregnancy centers do as well. For more information, visit