Oregon Gov Kate Brown Funneled $10 Million to Planned Parenthood After It Lined Her Pockets

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 14, 2018   |   7:45PM   |   Salem, OR

In a scheme described as “legalized money-laundering,” the abortion giant Planned Parenthood has both given and received money from Oregon Gov. Kate Brown.

Brown, who was re-elected on Nov. 6, has a 100-percent pro-abortion record. In 2017, she signed a bill expanding taxpayer-funded abortions to illegal immigrants and government employees in Oregon, already one of the most pro-abortion states in America.

Now, her campaign donations from Planned Parenthood and other groups are being questioned.

Weekly Blizt reports more than 550 state vendors who receive tax dollars from the government donated to Brown’s re-election campaign.

“Right now, in Oregon, a large pot of taxpayer money is recycled from state vendors and contractors back into campaign coffers. The system functions as a legalized money-laundering scheme. At arm’s length, all of the transactions are legal – but are they ethical or serving the public’s interest?” Adam Andrzejewski wrote for Forbes.

The abortion giant Planned Parenthood, which gave an award to Brown in 2012, donated $42,075 to her campaign, according to the report. Since 2012, Planned Parenthood has received $10.1 million in state tax dollars for abortions and other services, the report states. Brown became governor in 2015, so she was not in charge when that full amount was spent, but she was for a majority of it. She has been a close friend of the abortion industry by supporting and even expanding its taxpayer funding in office.

Here’s more from the report:

Oregon’s liberal governor has reportedly received $2.6 million in campaign cash from over 500 vendors who reaped $4.4 billion in state payments.

“Every single instance where the 557 state vendors made a political donation and had their contract initiated, renewed, modified, or extended is a potential conflict of interest,” Adam Andrzejewski wrote for Forbes.

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Disclosures last month showed that the $2.6 million represented the equivalent of 100 percent of Gov. Kate Brown’s cash on hand in her campaign committee.

“While national progressives decry corporate money as a pernicious influencer in politics, state records show that Governor Brown, a liberal luminary, has embraced the highly unethical practice of soliciting campaign cash from state contractors,” Andrzejewski wrote.

Other groups that both gave money to Brown’s campaign and received money from Brown’s government include Nike Inc. ($134,365); Bloomberg LP ($250,000); AT&T ($10,000); PacificSource Health ($6,224); CH2M Hill ($4,700); Alaska Air ($3,500); Hewlett Packard ($2,000); Pitney Bowes ($2,000); and Microsoft ($11,250), according to the report.

Brown has a 100 percent pro-abortion rating from Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon. She also once received its “Champion Award” for her abortion advocacy. This fall, just ahead of the election, she joined the radical pro-abortion group NARAL for a rally, smiling and holding a sign that read, “Pro-Freedom, Pro-Justice, Pro-Choice.”