Man Raped 15-Year-Old Girl, Then Her Baby Was Aborted. DNA From Baby Points to Rapist

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 14, 2018   |   6:59PM   |   Port St. Lucie, Florida

A Florida man is facing rape charges for allegedly impregnating a 15-year-old girl who later aborted her unborn baby.

CBS News 12 reports DeWayne Edward Brown II, 29, of Port St. Lucie, Florida, is charged with lewd and lascivious battery and impregnation of a child.

DNA from the aborted baby indicated a 99-percent chance that Brown was the father, according to police. It is not clear if Brown was involved in the abortion of the unborn baby, a second victim in the alleged crime.

Here’s more from the report:

The fifteen-year-old told authorities in 2017 that Brown took her to his motorcycle clubhouse and had sex with her by the bar. She described the act as consensual, according to the arrest report.

Deputies eventually made contact with Brown who told them he was familiar with the victim’s father. He said he learned that the victim was pregnant when her dad told him the information while they were doing cocaine.

He denied ever having sex with the girl, according to the arrest report.

It is not clear if the teen wanted to abort her unborn baby. Victims of sexual abuse often are pressured to have abortions. Many face threats and sometimes physical violence if their abusers demand that they get an abortion and they refuse. There are no indications about the reasons for the abortion in the Florida teen’s case, but, being so young, it is difficult to believe she would understand the harmful impact of an abortion on her life and her unborn baby’s. Many sexual abuse victims who become pregnant say the abortion only added to their trauma, according to research by the Elliot Institute.

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The pro-life movement has repeatedly documented how abortion facilities fail to report cases of statutory rape and predators use abortions to cover up their crimes.

In an Ohio case, a 22-year-old soccer coach was convicted of sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl on his team, LifeNews reported. According to reports, he statutorily raped the girl; and when she became pregnant, he took her to Planned Parenthood to abort their unborn baby and cover up what he had done. The Ohio Planned Parenthood also faced a lawsuit for failing to report the sexual abuse of the young girl.

In an Arizona case, officials said another Planned Parenthood center failed to provide the proper report to authorities about a victim of a young man accused of being a serial rapist. Not only did Planned Parenthood fail to report the rape but, in so doing, the rapist was able to continue abusing 18 or more teenage girls, authorities said.

Undercover investigators with Live Action also exposed the abortion chain’s willingness to help cover up sexual abuse. In 2008, the pro-life group released an undercover video showing a Planned Parenthood in Bloomington, Indiana agreeing to help cover up the sexual abuse of a minor.