Clergy Wanted to “Bless” Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic But Left After Seeing Dozens of Pro-Lifers

State   |   Matt Lamb   |   Nov 14, 2018   |   10:58AM   |   Columbus, Ohio

Abortion is the deliberate ending of an innocent human life. Yet, some “clergy”, afraid to boldly speak the truth, wanted to “bless” a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Ohio on Friday, November 9th.

But, it seems like the Pro-Life Gen along with 40 Days for Life may have drove them away from the abortion facility in Columbus.

Klara McKee, a Students for Life leader at Kent State University and a Regional Coordinator for Students for Life said that when they showed up she was blown away by how many pro-lifers had turned out to pray for and end to abortion and to oppose clergy who were abusing their authority to try to normalize abortion.  Klara noted, “It was awesome to see approximately 75-100 people there with 40 days for Life signs and praying outside of the facility. I want to also recognize the hard work that Allie from Columbus State is putting in as she has been a showstopper. She led students in prayer and also made sure everything ran smoothly.”

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In total, four Students for Life groups (Columbus State, Ohio State, University of Akron, Kent State) were represented! Yupp, that’s right. On a Friday night, with final exams and end-of-semester projects looming, four different Students for Life college groups gave up some of their only free time to stand for life and for truth and against a Culture of Death in their community.

Students for Life of America is working to end Planned Parenthood’s influence where they target. Obviously, this Planned Parenthood wanted to target the tens of thousands of college students in the area, including at Columbus State and Ohio State. Planned Parenthood views every college student as a profitable victim. But, we showed them that the community opposes Planned Parenthood. Students for Life will continue to work to end Planned Parenthood’s influence.

LifeNews Note: Matt Lamb is Jr. Vice President of Communications with Students for Life of America