School Shows Students Graphic Sexual Video From Planned Parenthood Without Parental Consent

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 13, 2018   |   1:18PM   |   Sarasota, FL

Upset parents have been flooding a Florida school district with complaints about a graphic sex education video that was shown to their students last week.

The abortion giant Planned Parenthood created the video, “How Do You Know if Someone Wants to Have Sex with You,” as part of its sex education program. It shows gay and straight couples kissing passionately, some undressed and in bed. In one clip, a man is shown fondling a woman’s breast as the narrator talks about consent.

Fox News 13 reports the video was shown to high school students at Sarasota School District in Florida last week without parents’ knowledge or consent. Students in an English literature class at Pine View High School reportedly watched the video Nov. 7 during a Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC) presentation.

School board member Eric Robinson said school officials have been “flooded” with emails, phone calls and other messages complaining about the graphic video.

“As an adult it can be hard to watch without being uncomfortable, I can imagine how a teenager would watch. The giggles and the gasps,” Robinson said. “If parents were notified that it was going to show then they probably would have gotten their kids out, but the delivery was entirely unnecessary for the message.”

The school district issued an apology and suspended the SPARCC program while it investigates the situation, according to the report.

Here’s more from ABC News 7:

District spokeswoman Tracey Beeker says that SPARCC, the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, in Sarasota has been teaching health education classes at the district for five years. Beeker says one of their counselors took it upon themselves to show the video, calling it “inappropriate based on curriculum guidelines” and “not approved or sanctioned by the school district.”

Beeker says the counselor broke protocol by not having the video vetted first and staff at Pine View “did not follow the correct process for guest speakers” by allowing the counselor into the school before their scheduled time and by “showing materials that had not been approved.”

SPARCC leaders also issued an apology, saying their staff member did not follow protocol.

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Numerous communities across the United States have rejected Planned Parenthood as a sex education teacher inside its middle and high schools. The whole Massachusetts legislature recently rejected a bill that recommended Planned Parenthood’s middle school sex education curriculum. The program teaches children as young as 12 “how to perform oral and anal sex.”

Many parents are shocked to find out what the abortion giant teaches children. In 2014, Live Action release an undercover video series showing Planned Parenthood employees encouraging young teens to participate in sado-masochistic sexual activities, including gagging, whipping, asphyxiation, shopping at sex stores and viewing pornography.

LifeNews reported Planned Parenthood’s booklet for HIV-positive youth, “Healthy, Happy and Hot,” tells young people that it is their “human right” to not tell their partner that they have HIV.

The abortion chain also tells children that promiscuity is not a bad thing. “There’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners,” Planned Parenthood tells students on its Tumbler page.

Planned Parenthood teaches sex education to at least 221,000 students in 31 states, according to CBS News.

Efforts are being made across the country to end its dangerous influence on impressionable young students. In 2017, President Donald Trump’s administration cut taxpayer funding to one of Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs. HHS spokesman Mark Vafiades told the New York Times last year that there is very little evidence that the program was successful. However, the abortion chain sued to block the cuts.

Concerned parents in Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, Washington state, New York, North Carolina and other parts of the country also have protested Planned Parenthood’s involvement in their students’ education in the past year.