Joy Behar Says Democrats Lost Senate Races Due to Gerrymandering

National   |   P.J. Gladnick   |   Nov 8, 2018   |   11:24AM   |   Washington, DC

Joy Behar frequently puts her ignorance on display but on Wednesday’s The View, she went above and beyond her usual lack of knowledge. In discussing the midterm elections with ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd, Behar wore her constitutional scholar mantle to observe that the Democrats lost the Senate races in the midterms the day before due to gerrymandering.

It was such an appalling ignorant observation that even guest Matthew Dowd attempted to correct her as politely as possible as you can see:

DOWD: Democrats won the popular vote last night by 8 million votes. But they lose U.S. Senate races in red areas —

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BEHAR: Because of gerrymandering

And so that left Dowd with the task of gently correcting Behar although he could be forgiven if he had screamed “IGNORANT DOLT!” at her:

DOWD: It’s not gerrymandering, that’s the Constitution. The districts are gerrymandered but states are part of the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Joy was nodding her head as if she actually understood what Dowd was telling her about something called the Constitution. Perhaps she still needs new Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to translate it for her into the street talk that she more readily understands.

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